Gennady Golovkin looks good, but he is not on Mayweather’s level

By Jacoby Sharee

I’m not going to call Gennady Golovkin the man at middleweight because he might turn out to be another hyped up HBO fighter like Manny Pacquiao. One thing is for certain he is not on Floyd Mayweather’s level and never will be. Money May is one of a kind and you will never see someone as great as him again for a long time in boxing, he is truly special.

The HBO announcers were hyping Golovkin so hard after he just disposed of another journeyman boxer named Daniel Geale. They even went as far to take British super-middleweight champion Carl Froch’s jokingly tongue and cheek comment about swerving Golovkin out of context. It looks like the company is trying to build up another media hyped Manny Pacquiao to sell to the public, and we all know how hard Pacman got exposed when he got put to sleep by Juan Manuel Marquez. The same thing can happen to GGG if they ever put him in with a legit challenge.

Golovkin has decent boxing skills, he is similar to Julio Cesar Chavez in the way he slowing stalks his opponent and breaks them down, but he is nothing special that will blow your mind. It’s easy to look good and knock guys out when your division is pretty weak and you won’t even face the biggest threat WBO champion Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin. If he is the real deal he has to step on up to 168 pounds and stop ducking real challenges like Andre Ward. Instead he wants to call out blown up welterweights like Miguel Cotto who is a paper 160-pound champion after beating the lineal middleweight champion Sergio Martinez for his WBC title at a catchweight. Martinez was already damaged goods with two bad knees by the time Cotto got to him, and he had to drain him at a catchweight just to beat him. Ever since Cotto got with Roach he has been influenced by the same tactics Roach uses with Manny Pacquiao, fight guys at catchweights and fight them when they are not at their best and weight drained.

Golovkin hasn’t talked about fighting Andre Ward, instead he is trying to go after big paydays against Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto. Fight the best guys to make your own history because beating up on guys who are much smaller than you are and are not natural middleweights will hurt your legacy. At the rate he is going I doubt he cares about his legacy and is more concerned with landing a big money fight against smaller fighters.

All I have to say is don’t fall for the hype.