People should not make fun of Floyd Mayweather’s illiteracy

By Dewayne Bungo

World champion boxer and successful businessman, Floyd “Money” Mayweather is getting ridiculed on social media because he has difficulty reading. His former friend rapper 50 cent challenged Floyd through his Instagram and Twitter accounts to read a page from Harry Potter. He pretended it was an ALS ice bucket challenge.

It’s a known fact that 50 cent has been trying to use Floyd’s name to stay relevant, ever since they had a falling out he keeps dissing his former friend on Twitter. This simple diss should have died down after a while, but Charlemagne of Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club took it a step further and aired audio of Mayweather doing a drop for the radio station to support iheartradio. This was wrong. That audio of Mayweather rehearsing his lines should have been kept private, and if I were Floyd I wouldn’t go back after that.

Mayweather was kind enough to do a drop for the station and he was made fun of his inability to read a sentence. He is a boxer and not a scholar, who cares if he can’t read well, at least he made a better life for family and those around him. Does that make him less of a man or human being because he is illiterate? He came from nothing and became something and all these immature clowns can do is make fun of this man’s illiteracy.

Adult illiteracy is no laughing matter and many grown adults suffer from it. By shaming Mayweather and ridiculing him will only make others who are also illiterate more embarrassed and depressed. It takes a big man to come forward and admit they can’t read, but now people will be too ashamed to come forward for fear of being made fun of.

Why not make fun of Manny Pacquiao? He can barely speak English and nobody says anything negative about him. I hope this isn’t a race issue here because I don’t want to pull the race card but it seems a lot of the hate for Mayweather comes from people who are secretly racist and like to vent online because of anonymity.

Video: Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club laugh at Floyd Mayweather’s inability to read after 50 Cent challenged him to read Harry Potter for the Ice Bucket Challenge:

YouTube video uploaded by Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club