Paying for Mayweather’s fight could mean you support domestic violence

By Charlie Knoxville

I had an interesting conversation with few of my friends about the whole Ray Rice situation and domestic violence. Everyone has their opinion on the subject, some say he deserves a second chance because his wife forgave him, others say you should never hit a woman no matter how much she eggs you on and he should be banned from the NFL.

Floyd Mayweather recently came out in defense of Ray Rice, he told reporters “I think there’s a lot worse things that go on in other people’s households,” as to justify the actions of Rice, he also said what the NFL did by banning him from the league was wrong going back on their word that Rice would only have to serve a two game suspension after the brutal elevator KO video of his wife Janay was released by TMZ.

Mayweather has a long history of beating up women. He never clearly denies any of these allegations but he claims because there were no pictures or video of the female victims with bruises or blood on their faces it means he is basically innocent. I guess that means his children must be liars since they witnessed and reported the physical abuse take place against their mother Josie Harris. Mayweather took a plea bargain and pled guilty to serve a 90 day county jail stint for misdemeanor battery.

The man is also a boxer. He fights for a living, his hands are trained for punching and to inflict damage. He seems to think women have only one purpose and that is to satisfy him and to look sexy. He surrounds himself with several females all dolled up in the sexiest clothing. His ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson even filed a lawsuit against him for pain and humiliation after being emotionally abused and degraded by him for years.

Is this the type of role model kids should look up to? If we order his fights does it mean we are supporting domestic violence?

Boxing fans can make a statement by not putting their money into the pockets of a man who sees nothing wrong with hitting women, and has a history of domestic abuse and violence against women.