nice article keep it up man

    • ALEX

      i agree! this story is the real one. not one sided and every sentences and words written are based on observation and critical analysis..

      • Chris Miller

        HAHAHA. No.

  • Anger in Manny’s eyes while Floyd has fear in his. If they would only show Floyd a picture of Mommy Dionisia pointing a hex on him the fight would be all over.

  • Marky Sinnister

    i’m just glad it wasn’t an biased article.

    • Chris Miller

      HAHAHA! Well played.

  • renato v tan

    like this article

  • Who, Me?

    I wanna see what that Watkins character has to say after manny kicks pwet!

  • rv

    Pac will come out smokin from round until floydie is toasted and quit…

  • Gerard Kelly

    You were right when you said Floyd is using PEDs and it is not just for his hands.

  • wisesteve

    we dont know the answer, we have to wait and see

  • David Goliath

    Rios was found and tested illegal enhancing drug when he fought Pacquiao, but it didn’t help. The deciding factor is still the skill and quality of a fighter physically and mentally. Illegal drugs won’t help Floyd. Hiring Ariza and disagreeing the $5 million fine for positive test show Floyd fear and dishonesty of his own demand of the drug testing.
    Neutral doctor testing and exam for Floyd hand should be taken to find out if it is just another excuse to use illegal drugs.

    • Chris Miller

      So having Ariza for Manny was honesty?

      • David Goliath

        Being a Christian I deeply believed that using any illegal drug is a “mortal sin” and smart person understand the health effect equally.
        So religious himself, Manny wouldn’t favor
        drug versus his belief and his own proven skill and power in the ring. believe me not, but just wathc his early boxing career, the obstacles and challenges that he passed in term of opponents.
        Did you hear the $5 million fine for drug positive test Manny’s challenge to Floyed camp? For guilt reason, Floyed refused the deal.

        • Chris Miller

          He cheated on his wife. He’s not that honorable.

  • TeuBerto G.

    If Mayweather is fast enough to grab Pacquiao, He’ll hug him all day.

  • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero


  • Chris Miller

    I see a nuthugger writing about his crush. Geez, there was semen on the screen just reading this. Let it go Bruce Jenner.