Manny Pacquiao won’t be able to avoid Mayweather’s right hand

By Lou “Cinder” Block

Manny Pacquiao has many flaws, but the one glaring weakness he has is his inability to avoid a right hand punch. On May 2nd you will see Floyd Mayweather land the right hand a lot.

Watch how easily Juan Manuel Marquez landed his right hands on Manny Pacquiao, it was almost effortless. Anytime Pacquiao rushes in he gets hit by a right hand counter. All you have to do with Manny is keep your distance and step back as he lunges in wild and counter him with a right hand power shot. Trust me, Floyd Mayweather will not miss his target, he is very accurate with his right hand, especially on a wild puncher like Pacquiao.

I’ve never seen a fighter as limited as Pacquiao have this much success in boxing. It comes down to proper matchmaking. He has to give full credit to Bob Arum his promoter and trainer Freddie Roach who’ve hand picked his opponents to make him look better than he really is and build him up to the casual fan so they buy into the hype. Pacquiao’s team are finally ready to throw him in with Mayweather and cash him out for good because he is no longer the big draw he once was.

Ever since the Marquez KO, Pacquiao’s stock has dropped and the only way his team could make money off him is to finally put him in with the man they avoided for years. Let’s face it Pacquiao’s PPV numbers have plummeted he did something like 300,000 buys for Brandon Rios and a bit less for Chris Algieri? That’s a steep drop from the 1 million buy he used to do before getting knocked out cold and exposed by Juan Manuel Marquez. I’m kind of shocked his fights with Rios and Algieri did that many buys, and we still haven’t heard the official numbers for his rematch with Tim Bradley.

The story of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight will be the right hand lead. There is no possible way for Pacquiao to beat an intelligent boxer who can adapt to his opponent and make adjustments the way Floyd does. When Pacquiao gets frustrated he goes back to lunging in and leaving himself open, he can’t cut off the ring, he has no jab, and his left hand will miss. Pacquiao likes fighters who stand still, he won’t be able to hit a moving target like Floyd.

After Floyd Mayweather beats Manny Pacquiao, I’ll make sure to write an article and count how many times Manny misses with his left hand, and how many times Floyd counters or hits Pacquiao with his right hand.

I have supreme confidence in Floyd Mayweather, can’t say the same about the Manny Pacquiao fans. They can only hope he beats Floyd, but deep down they know who is the true pound for pound king with the superior boxing skills, their pride just won’t let them to admit it .

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