Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Triumphant even in defeat

By Ludwig O. Daza

The stakes are getting higher, and the recent wager such as the one made by 50 cent, the rapper, worth millions of dollars will only get bigger as the fight draws near. Manny Pacquiao will be the underdog in this coming bout, but the odds seemed to be leveling in the light of training regimen showing his superb form. Bets are mounting. Publicized bets are going through the roof, and the bets unheard of are probably mind-blowing. Everything about this fight have become astronomical, e.g., tickets, predictions, etc.

A gambling man knows that this fight cannot pass without him wagering. To wager in this fight is to be a part of this fight. To be part of this fight is to be emotionally invested, and the only way to do that is to be financially involved. Regardless of the amount, the act itself of wagering will put one in a different light. He no longer is a fence-sitter but becomes part of the drama that will unfold on May 2, 2015. Once the die is cast, the tension starts to build up in anticipation of the fight.

If you lose, you don’t just lose the money, you also received something that is much worse than losing a wager, and that is the taunting that one gets for siding with a loser.

On a personal note, I believe a bet on either Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao is a good bet. These two fighters are the best in the business. In this fight dubbed as “The Battle for Greatness”, no one can truly say with certainty that Pacquiao doesn’t have a chance. He is in tip-top shape and he believes that God is on his side. As for Mayweather, he believes that God doesn’t care who wins. He only believes that his skills are better and his unbeaten psyche will be crucial against his enemy that have tasted defeat several times, the last one being so devastating that Mayweather thinks the gory details of that defeat is still fresh in the inner minds of Pacquiao.

My heart aches for Pacquiao to win. It’s hard not to root for this man whose life is a stuff of legend, but I believe Mayweather will weather the Pacific Storm that is Pacquiao and eke out either a split or a narrow unanimous decision.

I made a considerable bet in favour of Mayweather because my boxing acumen says Mayweather wins, given his skill-set. These two fighters haven’t faced an opponent like them. But overall, “Money” thumps “Manny” in every facet of the game, except probably in the punching power department, which I think Mayweather will be able to neutralize using his clinching tactics.

Some says Mayweather has faced lighter opposition, but that is precisely the reason why he will come to this fight with only bruises to show, and therefore fresher. Pacquiao, on the other hand, enters the ring with his battles against Juan Manuel Marquez hanging around his neck like an albatross.

I can’t imagine Pacquiao, who went the distance with the likes of lighter oppositions in Chris Algieri, Brandon Rios, Tim Bradley and Joshua Clottey, beating or, much less, knocking out Mayweather whose defensive repertoire is second to none, not to mention his precise punching and boxing skills.

If I lose this wager, I know deep in my heart of hearts that I will still win because a Pacquiao win is a victory for the common and humble man. But if I win this wager, I will still lose because I am a common man.

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