Mayweather will have the punching power advantage over Pacquiao

By Jamal Dicky

You can tell the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao super-fight is really huge because you have a lot of casual fans who don’t really follow the sport of boxing making predictions and acting like analysts.

The most popular question asked by casuals is, Can Floyd Mayweather handle Manny Pacquiao’s power?

This shows you they really don’t know anything about boxing. First of all, Floyd Mayweather has an iron chin, he has taken flush shots from hard hitters like Shane Mosley, Chop Chop Corley and Marcos Maidana, and never hit the canvas once, all three of those fighters hit much harder than Pacquiao. Manny Pacquiao hasn’t really knocked anyone out cold since the Ricky Hatton fight, where Hatton ran into the punch and gave the KO to him on a silver platter.

I used to believe Pacquiao had some power, but after further analyzing his fights, I realized he just throws a lot of punches and does damage by accumulation — he has no real one punch KO power.

Mayweather on the other hand is very economical with his punches, he rather focus on landing meaningful sharp shots and avoid getting hit. He exercises the sweet science in it’s purest form, the art of hit and not get hit.

If you really think about it, Mayweather actually has the power punching advantage over Pacquiao. Floyd doesn’t really sit on his shots, but in almost every fight he is able to prevent fighters from coming in reckless, that means he has enough pop to keep them off of him. Manny on the other hand throws many punches in bunches and throws with all his might but can’t even drop a flat foot boxer like Brandon Rios or a severely drained Oscar De La Hoya.

The reason Mayweather doesn’t seem to hurt his opponents or mark them up like Pacquiao does is because he has hand issues. Having a history of hand injuries will make you fight smarter and not break them in fights by going all out, but when he fights Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd, I believe he will show the world just how hard he really hits.

If Floyd sat on his shots and threw multiple flush combos on his opponents like Manny does, I almost guarantee he would have a higher KO percentage.

Floyd has power he just chooses to be defensive but when he does let his hands go he can do some serious damage just watch the fights he had with Diego Corrales, Arturo Gatti and Ricky Hatton, he stopped them all, and not to mention his KO of Victor Ortiz, if he had no power Ortiz would still be standing and not counted out.

If there is going to be a knockout, it’s going to come from Mayweather’s hands not Pacquiao’s because Floyd has shown his ability to take a shot is far superior to Manny’s. Floyd has never been knocked out let alone dropped, but Manny has hit the canvas many times, been hurt many times, knocked out many times, and put to sleep ice cold. Pacquiao’s only real shot to win is to try and outwork Floyd because I don’t see him hurting or let alone stopping Floyd on May 2nd.

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  • P3tadgr8t

    That’s right Pacquiao throws a lot of punches and they accumulate and rattles his opponents brains into a goopy substance. His punches are also like little blades that cuts deep into his opponents faces. Now it would be interesting if there is a plastic surgeon good enough to stitch together Mayweather’s face! It will be painful man…really painful.

  • Damian ibarra

    This is the stupidist article ever,if he didnt have power why would he have knocked out at least once almost every fighter hes ever fought,and mayweathers got knocked down by judah,floyd staffmember bayless just didnt count it,and its hilarious how floydie couldnt ko cotto or de la hoya but pac did,pac jumped way up in weight and still kod everyone whom they said he couldnt ever fight let alone demolish,its hilarious how flomos try to lie to themselves esp. Considering floydie couldnt even ko guerrero.

    • Franklin Harris

      Ok first off. Bayless was no where near the Judah/Mayweather fight. Richard Steele was the ref in the fight.
      And as the casual that you are cotto and DelaHoya were tko’s not one punch ko’s; not they got dropped and didn’t beat the count. They were stoppages at the refs choosing

  • Boxing Moron

    The analogy in this article is woefully misguided. Manny was facing the elite of the WW division, a division that Manny was never really fully fledged into. Having said that when was the last time someone KO’d Cotto (not named Manny), JMM, Bradley, Mosley, Clottey, etc. Manny’s competition simply at WW simply got better and bigger, and yet he still managed to succeed. All FMJ has ever done was cherry picked his opponents and made sure he had all the advantages going in. FMJ has never had to watch tape, get in a pool, chop wood or hire a physical trainer. What does tell you? I’ll tell you what it says, it’s say’s FMJ has been forced to face the best without any advantage outside of his own skill set! Trying new things at this stage of his career cries desperation, and genuine worry. From what I can tell FMJ is looking to put on some muscle and size and hope he can replicate JMM’s KO of Manny in the first couple of rounds. But that’s not going to happen! When Manny in his young career experienced his first KO’s via the body, Manny went to the drawing board, and built his body up. When Manny tasted defeat at the hands of Morales, Manny went back to the drawing board, and used both hands in his winning rematch against Morales. When Manny lost the 1st decision against Bradley, Manny went back to the drawing board and said no more taking anything for granted, and beat Bradley more thoroughly the second time around. When Manny got KO’d by JMM, Manny went back to the drawing board, and fixed his over aggression with effective cautious aggression. Manny every time out has come back a more completed fighter. It’s too late FMJ you’re facing the complete package and there is simply no hope, no taking it easy the first couple of rounds counting on your opponent to slow down or get frustrated, no more pot shotting when multiple punches from odd angles are coming at your face, and body. FMJ simply put there will be no more you to contend after May 2nd!

    • Franklin Harris

      You’re absolutely correct. You are a boxing moron. The fact that you named Mosley the elite of the ww division and said floyd cherry picks his opponents shows that. Manny fought Shane a year after floyd. To be exact a loss and a draw later

      • Boxing Moron

        Hmm! Elite in his heyday, not a past his prime, who just finished training for another fight, and had to switch gears. Sorry not the best Mosley that FM faced. Mosley had time to prepare for a smaller Manny, and only Manny and still suffered a knockdown.