The only way Manny Pacquiao can win against Mayweather is by Gift Decision

By Jacoby Sharee

The style match up on May 2nd clearly favors Floyd Mayweather Jr over Manny Pacquiao. A master at his craft with the highest ring IQ in all of boxing versus a reckless fighter who doesn’t think much in the ring and blocks right hands with his face.

The boxing community from experts to historians are all favoring Floyd Mayweather, the only ones who seem to pick against Floyd are just hoping they would some how be right and get praised as some type of boxing prophet, but deep down they know that Floyd takes the fight and can toy with Pacquiao anyway he wants.

When Pacquiao faces a boxer who can move and has good defense, his punch output drops significantly, he also starts lunging and follows them around the ring instead of cutting the ring off. When he follows guys who can fight backing up, he drops his hands while walking forward eating right hands in the process. You can’t tell me a man who has no defense against a right hand can beat a man with the best defense and right hand in the game.

The only way that Manny Pacquiao can realistically defeat Floyd Mayweather is by illusion, judges might be swayed by his movement and throwing at air thinking he is out landing Floyd when in reality most of the punches are missing. This is the only danger going into the fight, that Pacquiao might get a gift decision because of the illusion of work rate. So many people felt Pacquiao was robbed against Tim Bradley, but when you look closely at the first fight, Bradley wasn’t really hit flush with that many shots, Pacquiao missed a lot of punches. The only mistake Bradley made was acting scared instead of fighting back hard. I felt Bradley controlled the ring, and made Pacman miss a lot. Bradley was the real ring general. In the rematch I felt Bradley won that fight, but of course they had to give the fight to Manny Pacquiao to satisfy the Pac fanatics.

Floyd Mayweather is in full control of the fight, he can take Pacquiao out early or into deep waters, depending on how he feels that night. I personally believe that Mayweather is going to knock Manny Pacquiao out because he doesn’t want to get robbed on the scorecards over Pacman’s misleading work rate and he wants to make a statement to shut all the haters up once and for all.