Manny Pacquiao: The Ultimate Underdog

By Charlie Knoxville

Boxing is the theater of the unexpected. It’s a sport where you can come from nothing and make something of yourself. You do this by fighting your way to the top and defying the odds. Manny Pacquiao exemplifies what boxing is all about, coming from hopeless conditions by achieving the impossible, and becoming a champion in and out of the ring. A true underdog.

If you’ve been a fan of the Pacman’s boxing career, you will know how inspiring his story is. He came from General Santos, Philippines and barely had any food to eat as a child, his mother couldn’t afford to feed all of his siblings, so Manny would starve and give his meal for the day unselfishly to his other siblings because this is the type of person he is, he puts others be himself, and when he fights he fights for the people to excite and bring joy.

Floyd Mayweather is the polar opposite of Manny Pacquiao. He is all about himself, he exemplifies the Me, Me, Me generation. He whines and complains about being a victim. He said he fights for himself and takes care of himself before anyone else. He doesn’t care about the fans, he doesn’t care about his legacy, he only cares about himself first, and than his family. Fans pay his bills because they buy his Pay-Per-View fights, yet he so arrogantly said Fans don’t pay his bills or take care of his family, when the truth is they do, the money he lines his pockets with and puts in the bank comes from the boxing fans pockets.

For the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight on May 2, Mayweather can earn $200 million and Pacquiao can pocket $100 million. Floyd will probably just gamble his money and flaunt it on his social media, overpaying for shoes and clothes and jewelry just because of the brand name, he reeks of insecurity. Pacquiao, according to Bob Arum, will donate half of his money to charity in his native Philippines to help the poor. The Philippines doesn’t have a welfare system like America but they have Manny Pacquiao. If you are poor you basically remain poor and have no way out, this is why Pacquiao’s story is so incredible, from the moment he was born in a third world country the cards were stacked against him, he was never meant to overcome abject poverty, but he did.

On May 2nd, the majority of boxing writers, fighters, and analysts are picking Mayweather to beat him, giving Pacquiao no hope, just like the poor kid growing up in the streets of General Santos, he is the ultimate underdog, given no chance, but Manny Pacquiao is no ordinary fighter, he was born to defy the odds and prevail in the face of adversity.

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