Mayweather is locked in and determined to destroy nervous Pacquiao

By Lou “Cinder” Block

Judging from the weigh-ins yesterday, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was looking confident with a serious focus I have never seen before. Manny Pacquiao looked scared and used a smile to mask his nervous energy, he looked away from Floyd at the staredown, that right there determines the outcome of the fight.

ESPN boxing commentator and credible boxing trainer Teddy Atlas said Pacquiao lost the staredown, and whoever looks away first usually loses the fight. Pac had to look up to Floyd, and saw just how much taller and longer he is. The bigger fighter always beats the smaller fighter, when the taller fighter has superior boxing skills. Pacquiao doesn’t have any ring intelligence, he beat up on bigger men because they were come forward fighters or were past their prime. Floyd is neither, Floyd is an entirely different animal, Pacquiao will wish he never fought him in the first place.

If I were to guess what Manny told Floyd during their hotel meeting, he probably begged Floyd to show mercy on him on fight night. People are so easily fooled by the media. How can Mayweather be scared when he barely flinched or said a word, he had a locked and loaded look. Like Floyd said he has grown in maturity and doesn’t feel the need to sell the fight with trash talk. For Floyd it’s seek and destroy mode, Manny won’t know what hit him, it will be destruction from 100 right hands.

This will be one of the greatest performances of Mayweather’s long career. It will be so destructive that I wouldn’t be surprised if Freddie Roach throws the towel in. I’ve dreamed of this moment for so long and I can’t believe it’s finally here. Team Pacquiao had no choice and were forced to fight Mayweather, it’s the only reason the fight is happening now, because Manny is no longer marketable and has taken two losses. Mayweather taking this fight shows he has a good heart and is a charitable person because Manny owes millions in taxes and this fight will be enough to pay off his debt. Pacquiao tells Mayweather something during the staredown “Thank you…… for the pay day”.