Mayweather should be ashamed of his performance against Pacquiao

By Freddy Fresco

Its been a few weeks since the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight, and the backlash is still going strong. Fight fans are mad that the fight was a stinker. Some have turned the blame on Pacquiao for not disclosing his injury before the fight, and others are rightfully blaming Floyd for underperforming in the fight and receiving favorable treatment by the judges, after watching the fight on replay, many had it a draw or favored Pacquiao by the closest of margins. Floyd did nothing but run and hold, he held so many times instead of engaging. In the end Floyd won, but his win was one of his worst and most underwhelming performances of his career.

Now that the fight is over, people are still fuming, they felt conned out of their hard earned money. Floyd is trying to deflect the blame for the fight being boring on Manny Pacquiao, saying its his fault for not throwing a thousand punches, but how can Manny do that when he came into the fight with an injury, and his opponent was running and holding all night? Floyd even called Pacquiao a coward for fighting injured and claims his injury was fake.

Why is Floyd Mayweather calling Manny Pacquiao a coward when he was the one who was scared to trade blows with Pacquiao. Floyd knew Manny was injured, he even admit he had a spy in Pacquiao’s training camp beforehand. So he knew about the injury and still refused to try and dominate a one armed past his best Pacman, that is the sign of a real coward.

Pacquiao didn’t disclose his injury because he didnt want Floyd to attack his bad arm or have the fight postponed because fans waited 5 years to see it and felt the Nevada Commission would allow him use of legal painkillers prefight to numb the pain, but Floyd already knew it and is seen in the fight pulling at Pac’s arm in the clinch. Spying is a cowardly act, I thought Floyd didn’t watch tape of his opponents, I guess that was a lie since he had to spy on Pacquiao to gain an advantage.

Floyd’s uncle Roger Mayweather revealed that Floyd had injured hands going into the fight and used it as an excuse for why Floyd didn’t knock out Pacquiao, so doesn’t that mean Floyd lied as well? He never disclosed those things in his questionnaire either.

At the end of the day, nobody was impressed by Floyd’s performance, and the fans booing him everywhere he goes including NBA basketball games proves this. If he wanted to be remembered, he should have stepped on the gas and tried to knockout Pacquiao. His own father told him in the corner to stop fighting scared in there, Floyd is not the sweet science, fighters should get penalized for fighting scared, if you move without throwing punches and then clinch every time your opponent gets close, you belong in ballroom dancing competitions and boxing is the wrong sport for you.

  • repugnicant

    So… Mayweather should have let Pacquiao dictate the fight… ??

    Gawd, it burns…

    • abbeyg.

      Well at least he tried to engage.. damn TBE just a pussy!

      • repugnicant

        Not the point at all. Whoever dictates the fight wins. Pacquiao can dictate lesser fighters, but not champions.

        • abbeyg.

          so how come he became the only 8 weight champion if he dont know how to dictate champions.. man stop sucking floyd’s dick i mean licking his pussy. We are both fans and we know how champions are made.. your reasonings are just toooooo TBE boy lol!

  • Joe Medina

    I must’ve watch a different fight, because to me the one who underperformed was pacquiao, I mean… 400 punches only when he was averaging 1000 punches perfight?
    oh I know… like pacquiao said at the end of the fight, if Mayweather woul’ve stand still he would’ve throw more punches and therefore connect more.
    or maybe since he didnt get the doping shot he was trying to get right before the fight, he didn’t have enough energy to throw as many punches.
    perhaps the ”sealed” water and ”vitamin suplements” that were removed by the Nevada comission are another reason why pacquia wasnt his usual punching machine
    or maybe the estric antidoping testing are also the reason pacroid performed as a class C fighter.
    go figure

    • Sharon Michaels

      If the Pacquiao have been tested 14 times for this fight and we never heard of Mayweather had even a single blood drawn, who becomes shady? 400 punches is good enough for an injured fighter. Mayweather had all the advantages going to this fight but still got scared.. If you did not notice it. Ask Floyd senior.

      • Joe Medina

        yeah right like Bob arum was going to allowe Mayweather not to get tested as many ttimes as Pacquiao.
        the difference is Mayweather is not complaining of getting tested randomly and estrictlly, unlike pacquiao who got away without any testing for a long time, of Course he was going to bitch about it.
        if you wanna believe that pacquiao was injured therefore incapable of cutting the ring, thats you buddy.
        if someone was scared shitless that was pactardo, thats why he was hesitant to let his hands go because he was getting counterpunched with Floyds right hand, and thats the reason he back down after the flury on round four, because he knew thats exactly how he got KTFO.

        • Aris

          How old are you? You believe everything Floyd said. That’s what exactly he wants his target audience of young uneducated people to believe that Pac is a coward. Floyd was the one who was scared. He is the bigger man and the best pound for pound fighter, but yet he was back pedaling and using dirty tactics against a one arm midget. On top of that he had spies, bribed Pac’s sparring partners, hired Alex Ariza who trained Pac for 6 years and supposedly gave him Peds at that time, hired Memo Heredia who is a convicted drug dealer in the 2004/2008 Olympics, then conspired with USADA and NSAC to get all the advantages. That’s cowardice at its best (not to mention his violence against women). With all those unfair advantages he should have KTFO or batter Pacquiao into submission. But what did we see? Even his father was telling him off between rounds that he’s fighting scared. After the fight, Floyd Sr said he’ll do some soul searching. That’s because deep inside he felt his son won on an uneven playing field. Even uncle Roger wants a rematch. They won’t admit but they feel and know that Floyd and his sinister adviser Al Haymon is killing the sport of boxing.

          • Joe Medina

            i knew pactards will endd up with a bunch of excuses Lol
            Bua! he spied on my thats why i couldnt hit him
            Buah!! he moves too much Lol

        • Chairman

          I was not surprised when he got Booeed at the NBA game….what a shame….Floyd put the american people into shame…..

        • Sharon Michaels

          You cant give me an article that Floyd got tested.? You lost this argument boy.

          • Joe Medina

            I didnt lose anything it was your Idol who got schooled and now you have to live with it.
            every night before you go to sleep say this to your self so you can sleep. Mayweather paid the judges, that my friend will give you peace ok? LMFAO

            • abbeyg.

              Bet you dont wanna watch the fight in slomo coz you dont wanna see the real winner eh! Damn TBE just a pussy heheh..

    • Chairman

      Floyd running scared and hugging style earned the 3 blind mice judges who got a paycheck from Floyd camp.
      1.Running 10 points.
      2.Hugging 10 points
      3.Punching in the air 10 points
      4.Dancing the whole round 10 points.

    • Levy

      All speculations, dude. Your Mayweather just run all night. He did not deserve my respect and so most of the people who watched the NBA game. Fans just boooo
      Floyd. Is that the kind of winning he wants?

    • Crisostomo Ibarra

      Yeah listen to Floyd Sr. telling Floyd your fuckin’ scared (4th round).
      Pacquiao won rounds 2,3,4,6,7,9,10
      Floyd won rounds 1,5,8,11,12

  • Dayum

    Who writes this crap!

    • Chairman

      Prevailed the truth about Floyd cowardice.

    • Gerand Cacy Librada Magno

      truth hurts..

  • jbourne417

    Floyd is expected to fight the way he did fight Pacquiao. He is a consistent fighter who runs, holds and does nothing but score and win the fight. That’s how exactly how an amateur fighter does.
    He may have a perfect record but he will never ever be great

  • Treat

    I have been saying this for a long time. I stopped watching FM because no matter how much i want him to lose, i refuse to pay my hard earned money to watch him EVER!! I’m so happy he is retiring! We can watch real fights and fighters going forward. I love Golovkin and Canelo…warriors that WANT to give the fans their moneys worth and GGG actually went out of his way to give the fans their moneys worth. How noble is that!! You got Thurman, Porter, Brook and many more good fighters just waiting to break out. Lets hope Al Haymon doesn’t monopolize boxing, like he’s trying to do.

  • kurtis colbert

    Floyd beat Pacquiao easy. and if the people are angry ( Pacquiao fans ) then don’t bet your money on a BOXING match for your entertainment. Pacquiao’s fans are the ones complaining that they want money back for the fight and suing him left and right. Floyd has fans too and WE ARE HAPPY WITH OUR HERO!! and we don’t want the money back. I can’t wait to BUY THE NEXT FLOYD FIGHT!

    • manymul

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, he ran the whole night, suppose to be the fight of the century. Boxing is a fight, If a boxer is going to be paid for 150mill he has the responsibility for the fans to deliver a great fight, beat the guy up decisively fuck his face and knock him out. so what has he done? nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we fans got roobed, He’s been saying if marquez can knock pac out he can too and hell does it better because hes a better fighter, but what has he done? he tasted pacs counter left and combos then after he ran the whole night.COWARD!!

    • Gerand Cacy Librada Magno

      i bet you’re drooling of a floyd vs. floyd fight?..exciting isn’t it?.. LOL

  • gene

    i want to watch floyd mayweather against usain bolt or ruben sanca that would be a great match up i cant wait to see that runing match up

  • lucky

    well running, hugging and clinching in boxing is what max kellerman called sweet science and art of boxing. shame on max, so young and yet so corrupt! shame on showtime and hbo, for extorting peoples hard earned money and distorting actual fight facts!

  • Aaron Moon

    Pacquiao couldn’t throw punches because he was being held the whole night..floyd moving is part of boxing holding every time pac came in cuz he is the agressor should’ve been penalize..

    Talk about advantages..held,usada,arm injury,Kenny Bayless,Las Vegas judges,xylocaine to numb floyd hands but pacquiao can’t with his shoulder it goes on and on..and floyd fought scared..and he didn’t even win cuz pacquiao throws to fast to see which punch landed..

    • Christopher Cosper

      If you believe thaw bs you are saying you are delusion PAC was a arum gemmick ..this is 90 percevg if their peers said Floyd would win …you idiots went with your hearts…hating hearts …PAC is a gemmick and shoulder-gate is ridiculous ..only a niave idiot would believe this bs aka pactards …he’s a arum gemmick wake up

      • Aaron Moon

        This is perfect example of a can a guy win 8titles in 8different weight class and 4linealbtitles be a gimmick..
        Floyd fought scared and there was reason for it not some gimmick my friend

  • Juan dela Cruz xxx

    Mayweather fight a one handed Pacquiao by running and hugging and running. Right after Mayweather proclaimed the winner, he was praised by thunderous BOOOOO! What a disgrace to American people and the sport.

  • Christopher Cosper

    When you your own network say you lost …case closed

  • Ramon Antolin

    Mayweather should really be ashamed for his performance against Pacquiao! Manny practically fought with one arm but Floyd is still scared & running!
    Floyd is the real COWARD so deserves all the BOOS & derision from the fans & his COUNTRYMEN!

  • Jesse Bean

    Is this site run specifically for pactards? You people are rediculous, the fight was not close, manny was a very good fighter but was still way overhyped and the shoulder excuse was bullshit. Watched the fight two more times After the excuse and never one time during the fight does pac ever mention to his corner or favor his shoulder. All you uneducated fans just need to go away now. Your hero was exposed and might never even box again. Please find an athletes nuts in a different sport to swing from, it would be quite the breath of fresh air absent all the idiocracy.

  • jereco

    Freddy I need you to write the compubox stats for the both fighters 5-10 of their last fights to show both declines in their performance.

  • Cynthia Herron

    It’s okay “Freddy Fresco”, we know you still can’t believe your hero lost but that is what happens when a one dimensional puncher such as Manny gets in the ring with an actual boxer. To people like you and the rest of Manny’s fans boxing is two idiots who stand in the middle of the ring and throw bombs…but to actual boxing fans boxing is hit and not get hit…if you want to watch idiots then stick to having Manny fight those lower level fighters he’s been beating like Brandon Rios and stay away from real actual boxers like Mayweather….either way, Manny is just #48 on the list….just another number….exposed as nothing much to worry about…….The fighting pride of the Philippines? What a joke. If this guy is your here it’s no wonder the whole world laughs at the Philippines.