Why Manny Pacquiao Really Won The Fight Against Mayweather

By Andrew Hall

The title of my article alone will give way to hoots of derision. The vast majority of people think that Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao and anybody who dares question their authority doesn’t know anything about boxing!

Now, with that being said I would like to take another look at this Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight because to me it is not so clear cut! I had the score seven rounds for Pacman Pacquiao and five rounds for Money Mayweather. I scored rounds: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 10 for Pacquiao and rounds: 1, 5, 6, 9, and 12 for Mayweather. How did I score it this way with all of the rounds clearly supporting Floyd? The answer is that I felt Pacquiao landed the harder shots. When Manny landed on Floyd and swarmed all over him I could see the fear in Mayweather. His body language manifested a spirit and a heart that was scared (hence all the clinching and hugging).

Every time Pacquiao tried to get close Floyd would either move away or he would grab him and
hold him until the referee broke them up. I feel that Pacquiao landed the harder shots and I also feel that he was the aggressor throughout the entire bout. Manny Pacquiao was the one chasing Floyd, trying to corner him, and trying to engage him in a fight.

On the other hand, Floyd Mayweather was running and hugging scared. The truth is, he fought like a coward. A lot of people feel the way I do but they are told to shut up by people who are supposedly more adroit at scoring boxing matches!

Another reason I feel that Pacman deserved the decision is that Floyd’s own father was telling him between rounds to quit fighting scared. Floyd Sr. didn’t just say this in one round. He said it throughout the duration of the bout. It was a common theme in the Mayweather corner.

Now, I’m the first to admit that a lot of the rounds were close. If you prefer good defense you are probably going to score those same rounds for Floyd Mayweather. Both fighters landed good shots and you are entitled to give the rounds to Floyd on the basis that he landed more and was able to land the jab and the straight right on Manny Pacquiao. On the other hand, don’t call me a boxing neophyte or say I don’t understand the sport when I score the rounds for the man landing the harder shots and being the aggressor. A lot of it is a matter of preference. Of course, the fight was in Las Vegas where Mayweather brings in millions of dollars of
tourist money and so the judges were probably of a mind to give it to the defensive fighter!

Now, after the fight the big news was that Manny Pacquiao hurt his right shoulder before the fight. He was not allowed to get a legal medication shot that he had been getting throughout the duration of the training camp. I think that Pacquiao was able to use his right arm but I did see a lack of right hooks on his part. If Pacquiao is able to convince a long time boxing fan like
myself that he won this fight with a bad arm, imagine what he could do if he was 100 percent and had use of all the various weaponry that has made Manny Pacquiao a living legend in pugilistic circles around the globe?

  • Crisostomo Ibarra

    Pacquiao 2,3,4,6,7,9,10
    Mayweather 1,5,8,11,12

    • nes

      Scored it 7-5 for Pacquiao
      Pac: ,3,4,6,7,9*,10,12
      May: 1-2*-5-8-11
      2* and 9* being swing (really 10-10) rounds

  • Cezar Legaspi

    That’s a very good assestment fair and not biased…for me its a draw but because it is Las vegas…The gambling house will never going to lose money unless it is a knock out…so there you go folks..Floyd Mayweather is no TBE…he is in his own LALALA world arrogant fantacies..

  • Dranreb Dutchboygym

    PACQUIAO is the real Greatest Fighter Of All Time!!!
    FIGHTING outside of his very own backyard and collected those worlds lone 8TH DIVISIONs and first ever 4TH LINEAL in 10 world title belts has no EQUAL from past till present time not even Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad ALI can equally put PAC out from being the true and real greatest fighter of all…FLOYDIE DUCK is the greatest RUNNER HUGGER DANCER HEAD LOCKER CLINCHER fighter of all time period.

    • D Shot

      Her can be your favorite of all time. Pacquiao is 2 years younger than Mayweather, and Mayweather out boxed him. Putting the fight off should have played in Pacquiao’s favor. Its apparent that Pacquiao had been using drugs to enhance his performance. right before the fight he wanted to take some drugs, but wasn’t allowed to.

      • nes

        People age differently, although I don’t think biologically pacman is older than mayweather, Pac’s style require more youthful energy explosion than Mayweather’s style. Absolutely no evidence of Pacquiao ever taking (*illegal performance enhancing*) drugs. Mayweather takes (legal pain killer for his hands) drugs btw. Neither fighter deserves to be in Top 5, also not top 10 either. (Duran, Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Willie pep, Joe Louis, Aarmstrong…) Both are at least Top 25-30.

      • sammy

        Where is the prove, IDIOT!! Your boy, Floyd, accused Manny for using drugs, but Floyd failed drug tests manny times & kept them secret by USADA.Then Manny’s lawyers found out and tried to subpoena Floyd, and Floyd was scared like a dog with tail between its legs and settled(paid manny cash) out of court.

      • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero


    • Aris

      you forgot the elbows and pushing

    • darwin

      You are very right buddy!!

  • Ekim Aitni

    I was in for this this fight but “the thing is” they were not in their prime.
    1. If both are in their prime, we must say that this cannot happen.
    2. They are both prized fighter that in the past they must fight but again we are not on our “prime” in boxing.
    3. Floyd Mayweather Jr. just stands for the “saints” in boxing but every
    thing evolve. We cannot compare generations for it is illogical comparing it.
    4. I was and will be a great fan of boxing but how I wish my “saints” will say a thing or two for UFC is a good one.
    5. I am not a fan of Ali, maybe Foreman.
    6.Boxing in America is rigged!!!!!
    7. Finally my hero was defeated in 5 times but I cannot see how he was defeated but again I do not give a damn who win as long as I knew the who won.

    • D Shot

      Mayweather still looked very good in the ring, both mentally and physically. Pacquiao is also younger than Mayweather…IJS

      • egay capitania


      • QA/QC

        Please stop…FMJ looked horrible…hardly any shots were flush…and he’s been huffing excessively his last 3-4 fights

      • Ardyey Casilag

        Pacquiao may have lost the fight.. but that’s the fight alone, he’s a “Hero”.. He fought clean, no hug, no clinch, no headlock, no low blows, he fought with balls (the shoulder injury didn’t prevent him from coming forward as the agressor) and that’s why he won the heart of the people..

        the only people who will not accept this comment are the Floyd fans.. he’s not “TBE”, he only have the written record of “48-0” but all will agree that he has lost 2 if not 3 out of the 48 fights.

        • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

          Manny ‘lost’, and came home a HERO.

          Floyd ‘won’, and came home a LOSER.

      • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

        Yeah, very good indeed. LULz

      • darwin

        Yeah he looked physically perfect in this picture..and mentally scared to death when pacman chase him..

  • Dark

    Pacquiao was fought a good fight but Maynever thought it was a FUN RUN and HUGGING contest… LMAO

    • D Shot

      Pacquiao clearly lost. What we saw was a drug free Paquiao. The fight he lost before that was drug free. He knew he had to give it a test run before the real thing. Pacquiao is younger than Mayweather, but Mayweather was clearly the best fighter. both physically and mentally.

      • egay capitania


        • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

          Hahah! I agree.

      • darwin

        i made up my mind..after long process of examination, i come up with a conclusion that this guy is a natural born idiot..you deserved to be jailed for life..

      • WA

        here’s the thing though, he didn’t lose.

        • D Shot

          his record indicates a loss….case closed

  • Joe Medina

    neither pacquia nor maywether will be considered as the the best of all time, mayweather will rank higher than pacquiao no doubt but not the number 1 spot.
    mayweather one the fight clearly its just pathetic how people try to justifie the unability of pacquiao to figure maywether, pacquia was so scared to get his ass KTFO that he wasnt his ”usual” self, maybe it was the sctrict antidoping testing that prevented him from trowing thousand of punches and overwhelm mayweather like he said or may be floyd just like marquezproved how much of a unidimesional pacquia really is.
    you got to give it to pacquiao trying to get druged right before the fight, im glad the nevada comission didnt allowed, because i find very suspicious that he wanted to get injected with something right before the fight, they say it was a legal substance i seriously doubt it.

    • wilfredo andaluz

      If Floyd Had fought Manny 5 1/2 years ago, after Manny KO Hatton in 2nd rds., Floyd would have been beaten by Manny, when Manny was his best form on that years, why Floyd had ducked Manny 5 1/2 years ago and he just now this years accepted the fight when Manny was not as his best as before, especially when Manny has injury now. Besides, it seemed Floyd accepted the fight vs Manny, just because of the pressure from fans, experts, mass media, people around the world, etc. and he was cornered and nowhere to go but to accept the fight vs Manny. Despite Manny’s injury, he had managed to attacked Floyd and delivered more power punch that, many say, Manny should have won the fight vs Floyd, especially most when they watched again in the replay that Manny is a true winner. But unfortunately, the judges favored Floyd to win. Why people from the audience booed Floyd they are not satisfied in that decision.

      • Joe Medina

        floyd would’ve fought pacquiao 5 years ago, but pacquiao turned down 50 millions because he refused to get tested randomly.
        the second time the fight almost happened… he misteriously wanted a 14 day window without any type of testing before the fight.
        pacquiao has allways wanted some type of opening to use drugs, even on fight night he complained his ”sealed” water and his ”vitamin suplements” were rmoved by the nevada commision and to make things even more suspicious, he wanted to get a drug shot righ before the fight, are you kidding me?

        • Tony

          Floyd wanted the shot given 3 days before the fight. That’s silly! I’ve seen Manny talk about it. Floyd would’ve never fought Manny … Look at how he reacted everytime on television when people had mentioned Manny. I listened to that shit for 6 years. Floyd was scared
          Simple as that. This recent fight even shows you.. Floyd chose the judges, commentators, hometown.. Lol once I learned that. if no KO Floyd will be given a UD & i was right.. Floyd’s ducked from more than just Manny.

        • darwin

          all your suspicion have no evidence.. Pacman has never fail even once in his drug test..Marquez had obvious side effects in his chest after the pacman fight.. Pacman never hire convicted Balco pusher.. Marquez did..

          • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

            Against Manny: Floyd would, and DID.

          • Joe Medina

            Marquez never failed any drug testing neither, he never turned down 50 million dollars because of random testing, pacquiao on the other hand….

            • darwin

              man i think You are really idiot.. Pacman turned down 50 million offer because he knows it isnt enough.. Floyd offer him $50mn only without the revenue of PPV.. floyd will takee all PPV revenue..So look at how much he gets now? pacman can get almost $170 million in their last fight..Now you see? sometimes not all you think is right..OK?

              • Joe Medina

                whatever helps you sleep at night little pactard, everybody knows the real reason pacquiao didnt accept the fight 5 years ago.
                yes he made 170 millions but he could’ve made same as floyd and he didnt because he lost leverage thanks to his daddy Marquez, when he knocked the fuck out of him Lol.
                Marquez cost pacroid 70 million dollars LOl

                • darwin

                  i think you are really a natural born idiot..What? Man floyd always get big share than manny.. we know and you know that.. Marquez cost pacroid 70 million dollars? How? Man you are bragging on marquez knock out? man it was just a lucky punch..plus his strength came from Drugs..thanks to angel heredia.. It was pacman faults he didnt impose the drug testing.. but when bradley impose the drug testing Marquez punch like a girl.. ask Tim Bradley..Marquez is flat footed and powerless without drugs.. he just stood there and eat a lot of punches…Marquez is on the verge of stopping the fight if he didnt KO pacman.. he said that in post fight interview because he broked his nose and he can hardly breathe..Ask Marquez if he wants to fight Pacman Today? he didnt want any part of Pacman anymore even there is a large money at stake..he knew that pacman will ask drug test his time..and if it happen.. he will be killed in the ring.. thats the truth..

                  • Joe Medina

                    look little pactard, get your facts straigth, in 2009 the fight was 50 million dollars for mayweather and 50 million dollars for pacquiao, plus 50/50 split on the PPV, but pacquiao didnt want any part of random testing, its not coincidence that pacquiao hasnt ko anybody since mayweather put him on the spot for ped’s use.
                    lucky punch? lol once more keep saying that to your self so that you can sleep at night ha ha ha
                    the truth of the matter is pacquiao is scared of Marquez thats why he didnt wanna pay marquez what he asked for.
                    if he had any dignity at all, he would’ve pay marquez to try to avenge his humilliating KO, but of course he doesnt have the guts to face Marquez again because next time he will be taken to a funeral home ha ha ha
                    Marquez is the reason pacquiao acted as a coward vs Mayweather, he didnt want to get ktfo again, he was scared of another perfectly timed right counter punch.
                    thats why now he is comming with a bunch of cowardly excuses Lol
                    and of course you pactards want to belive that.

                    • darwin

                      What?? I think your liitle brain twist 360 degrees turn..I think you are special child!! All your thoughts are based on false premises..Where did you get that story that floyd will agree on 50/50 share? From a Barber Shop? Are you living in a remote jungle in Mexico and listening only news from analog radio?? I think you are delusional..Man wake up…Man A true champion is not the guy that will not fail but a guy that will not quit and cheat.. He always play a fair game..Even the greatest ali experience a KO against Fraizer..Pacman is so great..Its hard to defeat him if you will not cheat.. thats why Marquez drink 1 gallon of PEE every 4 hours..he even collect the pee of his uncle,auntie and his kids.He wants the over saturated pee that is very yellowish in color..and has to take PEDS..And its visibly obvious that he had side effect like the pimple in his chest..Mayweather also ask xylocaine/lidocaine for his two hands and this drugs is prohibited in other states..thats why floyd dont want to fight outside nevada…Pacman has seen in prefight being drug test by VADA.. did you see Floyd being Drug test? He didnt even got one i think… So there is really cheating involve if you fight pacman.I think you are abnormal again if you think Pacman acted coward? are you really normal person or drug addict? You see it.. Floyd is running and hugging all night.. Pacman press the fight but maywaether is so scared as if Pacman has a Knife and is going to kill him..If floyd didnt run and hug i think his face will be dismantle..Its like he was punch by 50 people…

                    • darwin

                      didnt you know that marquez and his wife filed a divorce when he fought pacman in 2012? yeah..it is because Marquez Put a Glass of Pee in the refrigerator and his wife drink it after thinking that it was pine apple juice… and their whole room smells PEE ..and now Marquez home town is nominated as the PEE capital of Mexico..hahahahahaha

                    • darwin

                      Joe Medina! Man this is serious.. Man pls accept my advise..This is for your own good.. Man go back to the lord, read a bible, act like a noble man and PLS. STOP DRINKING PEE.. its obvious you are now not in normal state of mind..Pls..pour your PEE to your plants for it is clinically proven effected to plants and not for HUman..hahahahahahahahah

                    • darwin

                      MAN where are you?.. as of this moment.. i watch the replay of Pacman destroys all your legend.. like Marquez, Barerra, Morales, Larios, de la hoya, lucero, Diaz, margarito, brandon rios. and many more.. i’d watch over and over again..i love it..it is very pleasing to the eye watching your legend disfigured their face..this is the result of coward pacman

                    • darwin

                      man..look at their faces..they are liked being attack by billion bees..hahahahaha

    • Simond C.S

      At the end of the day people are going to remember you from the records you have on paper and so far Pacquiao’s records far outweigh Mayweather’s “Unbeaten” record, so I don’t believe Mayweather will rank more than Pacquiao two generations from now..

  • TeuBerto G.

    The sport of boxing desperately needs some high tech.sophisticated video devices to capture each round in all angles. Just like in Tennis where the tennis ball can be detected and determined when it’s served/play good or out of line. I thought Compubox is such a device but it’s NOT. It’s nothing but 2 college looking pot smoking goons hallucinating.

    • jei

      I agree especially when it’s a close fight. It also prevents bad decisions.

  • Jerald Batac

    It was a hugging match and sadly Pacquiao is only nice outside the ring, Mayweather is just the opposite 🙂

    • Joe Medina

      yeah and and if mayweather woul’ve stood in fron of him pacquiao woul’ve knocked him up right? Lol

      • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

        I FLoyd wus a real woman, then YES, Manny can definately “knock him up”; But unfortunately for your drag queen idol Fraud Fluffyduck 9ayweather, he’s only 9ay, so no luck right there. FOOL. BAA-HAHAH!

  • Glen

    Let it go. You can never change what was…. Move on dude.

    • WA

      No, justice is served when you speakout. The truth should be put out there that Manny won the fight. What is wrong with you?

      • Glen

        I think you should ask your self. What is wrong with you? Why can’t let it go?

  • egay capitania


    • Mirror

      wtf pacman lit floyd up in the 4th round and had to stop because the pain so he stepped back. You can see the fucking blood in the rotator cuff area. The outcome of the fight is pacman landed more punches and floyd missed more punches. The prep of the fight is floyd got 750ml of untested substances and pacman got denied pain killers that usada approved of. Again easy work for the pacman legend.

  • Charleemaign

    Recently Manny watch the video of his fight with Floyd, and said 7 rounds belongs to him and 5 to Floyd, thus he claimed right after the fight and said ‘I thought I won the fight.’ Boxing has a lot of loopholes when it comes to judging. The sport must devise or look for better measure to make the fight fair with credible results otherwise the sport will cease or diminish interest among the public.

  • doh padillo

    Floyd only won in the eyes of some Americans and his own judges….but in the eyes of people who watched out side USA said Pacquiao won by 7 to 5 rounds of Floyd.It’s huge legal robbery of the century not only for Pacman but the entire fans.If not for Pacquiao,the gross will not that big not even Floyd against anybody.

  • rickmeister1203

    I counted over 10 hugging and grabbing of Manny’s arms by Floyd.

  • Jimmy N Ruby Deloso

    I am with you Andrew. I wasn’t surprise bec of how LV treats Floyd – as their cash cow… With that being said, I was wondering during the fight at round 4, in which Manny retracted and didn’t do the shock and awe bombardment to the defenseless Floyd. I asked myself why retract? but then I told myself maybe hes waiting for later rounds…. Your score is exactly the same with mine but I didn’t surprise when the announcer says…. and still…. I am so frustrating knowing the reason, injury afterall and to Floyds coward strategy hugging, running and so on… I Hope Manny will fight another fighter out there before he hang his gloves… Amir Khan in UK. Never mind Floyd hes such a coward fighter, seld proclaiming the best but not in real life, SCAM>

  • Archie Palomar Milagan

    I believe Floyd won that fight. The reason we can’t accept it coz a lot of Filipinos hate Mayweather during the word wars that started in 2009. Manny promised a knockout. Roach said they have a secret weapon that will surely put Floyd to the Canvas. It did’nt happened. hence all the excuses to cover up the embarassment. They knew from the start that that was how Floyd fights. They claim they were faster. he trained with Rigondeaux to adjust. Where was all that? All talks. Lots of filipinos loss money. Pacman wants to get away from the blame.

    • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

      Floyd also hinted at knocking Pacquiao out during his interview withing ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. In training, he was chopping wood and swimming and canoodling/ caressing with Ariza. He was promising a knock-out! Both Floyd, Sr. and Uncle Roger were on record multiple times claiming that FLoyd “WILL KNOCK MANNY OUT”, the reasoning was “if JMM can do it, so much so can Floyd.” They were also claiming that Floyd will “walk Manny down”, “EASY fight for Floyd”, yet none of those materialized. If Floyd was bluffing, as he is entitled to, then why can’t we give the same benefit of the doubt for Manny? There are also a lot of people who saw the fighrt was close, or that Manny won, not only Filipinos but a lot of nationalities around the world. Manny did good, considering all of the circumstances, he certainly did us proud and fought with honor.The reality is that it was a VERY CLOSE FIGHT, a DRAW even, that could have gone either way. And the outrage comes not from the decision itself, but the way the scores were presented in a laughably bogus lopsided way.

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    The Golovkin and Gonzalez fights in HBO last night were fights for Champions on how they should fight and behave in the Ring.Those were ” insults” directed to Floyd Mayweather of the way he wins in the ring by hugging,head locking,clinching and running away .Those
    2 warriors( Golovkin and Chocolatito) just kept wading,advancing and whaling at their opponents till they won to the delight of the people who paid to see good fights.Pacquiao,though hurt,still chased the running Mayweather.Pacquiao deserve to win that fight!!!! Not the short end of that horrendous 118-110 score on one of the judges.
    Floyd Jr is not the TBE is boxing!!! No wonder even far off Cambodia,the Prime Minister Hun Sen don’ want to pay the bet after Floyd Jr was declared winner.Can’t blame that PM.For almost 15 mins., he criticized the verdict in front of the session hall in his country.Truly unbelievable episode.
    A lot of people in this world are up in protests about this ” Fight of the Century”. That’s why Floyd Jr. Is being booed!!!!
    I am with Andrew Hall on his stand on this issue.

  • Juan dela Cruz xxx

    Mayweather fight a one handed Pacquiao by running and hugging and running. Right after Mayweather proclaimed the winner, he was praised by thunderous BOOOOO! What a disgrace to American people and the sport.

  • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

    You are correct, sir. Manny won. Good offense translates to points, good defense, nada. Most people around the world agree with you. In fact, anyone possessing a healthy combination of good eyesight and good sense know this. Thanks for this article.

  • terry

    I watched again slowly and came up 10 rounds Floyd 2 rounds Paq
    sorry but sticking and moving is boxing. You don’t fight like Rocky and Apollo Creed where you just stand there and slug the hell out of each other. You clowns are fools

    • darwin

      i think you didnt see the fight.. i think you are cleaning the toilet while hearing the coverage on your analog radio..watch it here man..you are pity indeed.. not only that you didnt see it but for the emptiness of your brain..

    • jef20071

      What kind of drugs you on ” you definitely some marbles off.

  • john lips

    floyd thoroughly outboxed pacquiao on the inside and out. he controlled the distance, he controlled the pace of the fight. he made pacquiao fight his fight. he outworked him and outlanded him. pacquiao’s weak ass flurries couldn’t even crack floyd’s guard. save a couple body shots, his flurries were garbage and they accomplished nothing. mayweather shook them off like they didn’t even matter and all 3 times pacquiao flurried, he backed off ON HIS OWN, because nothing could get through and he couldn’t hurt floyd. the flurry in the 4th round, floyd just put his double guard up and let manny flurry to feel his power and it accomplished NOTHING. when manny was done swinging, floyd walked right back at him. same thing every single time he flurried. manny had the opportunity to knock floyd out with his flurries on the ropes and COULDN’T. if you were going to point to why floyd mayweather won so easily, i would just refer you to pacquiao’s best moments of the fight, which were a whole lot of NOTHING. you know it, i know it, pacquiao knows it, floyd knows it, the whole world knows it. the fight wasn’t close. it can’t be debated as being close, no real boxing fan will ever see it as a close fight.

    • john lips

      let me repeat…

      his flurries did NOTHING when he had mayweather on the ropes. hardly ANY clean punches landed, save a few body shots. all 3 times pacquiao flurried while mayweather was on the ropes, the flurries did NOTHING and pacquiao backed off ON HIS OWN because nothing was getting through and he couldn’t even crack floyd’s guard. most of the punches were BLOCKED!!! when he backed off the 4th round flurry, mayweather walked right back at him immediately, completely unfazed. by the 2nd and 3rd flurry, mayweather was shaking his head no because he knew manny couldn’t hit him or hurt him and he once again walked right back at him. pacquiao’s best moments of the fight were a whole lot of NOTHING!
      wide unanimous decision for floyd mayweather.
      when pacquiao backed off that 4th round flurry, and floyd was fine….the fight was over….and the pactard nation died.

      • jef20071

        Obviously you never watch the replay if every rd. I think your more problack then being truthful. You watch the replay ? Noway your opinion about floyd holds water. PAC beat Floyd clearly and I’m not bias or pro black.

    • Manuelle Mae Pacaldo

      if paquiao’s flurries were nothing, what do your call floyd’s punches? Floyd only threw occasional jabs and right straights but they were few and far in between, much fewer than his hugs and sprints

    • terry

      Bingo, a sane person.

    • Javier Vargas

      Are you blind Pacquiao was landing his left all night long….

  • Sid Banez

    I scored it 114-114

  • Ray Mund

    i also see floyd won but that is very close, i think nobody dominates the fight,, but i didnt see floyd can take the punches of manny he always run and hug to prevent mannys flurry.. i didnt see floyd use his elbow and shoulder defence just like the previous fight against almost previous opponent,,, floyd just run and put his left hand forward, that’s how he manage to have more jabs, floyd is scared to try to engage manny ang try to knock him out, because manny can throw more punch, floyd cannot compromise because he cannot afford to lose…. a rematch is not interesting for me i thinks it will be a boring fight. and it is not practical to watch a boxing match and wanted floyd will lose.. floyd is one of the best maybe he cannot lose.. and its not worth watching floyds fight in the welter weight division. if manny will fight again i want to see him fight against donnie garcia, amir khan, marcos maidana and juan manuel marquez,, this is a very entertaining fight

    • terry

      What are you supposed to do? Stick your chin out and say your turn hit me. Then the other sticks his chin out and says OK now you hit me. Other boxers have known how to cut the ring off and force a fight.. Guess Paq doesn’t know how so he got his ass beat. Got hit over 2 to 1 jabs and. 2 to 1 power punches. So um how did Paq win again?

  • terry

    F…what is this? A Paquiano site? Cuz Floyd kicked his ass up one side and down the other every round. You guys blind and watch the fight in Brail?

  • Shwrick F’lores

    Floyd Mayweather vs. Usain Bolt ..who do you think will win??

    I think 50/50 because mayweather is a good runner too!

  • Cliff L Kan

    Manny had won by at least 2 rounds. He was got robbed by 3 corrupted Judges. Also fucking 2 Commentators were involved in cheating the fight. What Floyd doing was running and hugging.

  • jef20071

    PAC won Anybody and everyone can clearly see it in the 12rd replay of just how good PAC was . PAC defence was blocking fmj punches on the gloves for the mist part and PAC slipped and countered in Floyd’s face. PAC offence was also better of course he had to chase Floyd lil bit.I still think there should be a petition on the fixed decision. Anyone know of a petition going on about this ? I’m ready to sign it .Even if it doesn’t change a thing at least we make a huge statement that PAC won .it was the biggest bs decision.

  • jef20071

    At mgm Floyd has 100% advantages over any fighter. Your fighting a system . Floyd also uses usada as a waiver loop hole to get geeked up. Look at the gurus around his camp. Look how Floyd’s physic looked better then ever Floyd’s got all the hook ups . usada i heard blood tested PAC pos 18 times . Usada was PACs baby sitters for Floyd, but yet PAC wanted the better ped testing VADA and Floyd declined lol there’s a lot of people who knows all the goings on at the top of boxing. How can you fight against it , who do you send a petition too when there also in the scandal ? Floyd’s there money puppet TMP. PAC got fkd over before the fight , in the fight, and even after the fight. But PAC won this fight”

  • jef20071

    PAC was even above a draw. That would of been being over nice to Floyd to make it a draw even. Cause PAC won it. Replay will always prove it .

  • Darryl

    Ugh, Floyd literally ruined boxing for me. How can such a straight-forward thing be so convoluted? Two guys enter a ring and the winner is the winner, it couldn’t be simpler and yet…

    Floyd is a devious coward and nothing would surprise me when it comes to his character, one thing becomes clear — Manny was never supposed to win, no way, no how. 5 years of waiting for the opportune moment says it all. From what happened it is pretty easy to see that Floyd is calling all the shots, money makes the rules, it is disgusting to accept that Manny always had to submit to Floyd’s terms, how does boxing even allow an athlete like that to even exist in the sport? That fact that it does leaves the door wide open for fixing and corruption. Truth is boxing and gambling has always been synonymous, its just a big one night show that results in a quick massive payday for many, MANY people and manipulating the outcome is always key. The only question is how widespread the payoffs are because as soon as the fight was over every Tom, Dick & Larry involved in the sport reporting on it showed the same one sided images like Manny was the only one getting hit, all using the same terminology, “He got schooled”, lol are you kidding me? FIVE YEARS! “Manny is just a brawler..”, “Floyd painted a Rembrandt..” FIVE F*CKING YEARS! This should be like 3 rematches deep by now, obviously something is “off”, f*ck boxing and f*ck everyone involved, the whole thing is dirty and it smells to high heaven.

  • Mike Downie

    Andrew Hall, you’re a sexy beast, but please quit sending me pics of you in your undies.

  • WA

    Thank you, somebody that really understands boxing. Manny won the fight. Why haven’t we heard anything from Mayweather? I think we all know he doesn’t want any “extra” commentary regarding the inaccuracy of compubox scores.

  • tekateka

    A slomo video on youtube shows Money’s shots mostly blocked by Manny’s gloves while Manny’s shots smack right in May’s face.