By Charley Stone

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Miguel Cotto have agreed to fight. This is an outstanding match up, and should be an exciting fight. Both fighters have legitimate chances of winning. Miguel Cotto is a proven winner. Recently, he has reignited his career under legendary trainer Freddie Roach, with some great wins including capturing the WBC middleweight title over Sergio Martinez.

Canelo Alvarez is a young, well trained, strong, and experienced professional boxer. Make no mistake about it, he can fight. Underestimate his steady style of fighting, at your own peril.

In evaluating the Canelo vs. Cotto fight, the odds makers have made Canelo Alvarez the favorite heading into the bout. He has the advantage of being the bigger and younger man. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez also has the longer reach at 70 ½ inches compared to Miguel Cotto’s 67 inch reach.

Can Miguel Cotto win this fight? Can he offset the natural physical advantages Saul Alvarez has? Where can he find a weakness, he can exploit?

Miguel Cotto is very athletic. Maybe, slightly more athletic than Canelo Alvarez. He throws combinations with more imagination than Canelo. Cotto moves around the ring, easier than Canelo. If he can use these attributes to contain, confuse and evade younger Alvarez while putting rounds in the bank he could pull off an upset and win a decision. No easy task against Alvarez, over 12 rounds.

Every round Alvarez will be stalking, and hitting a 38 year old, Miguel Cotto. Whenever he can and wherever he can. Canelo’s natural talent, size and youth should carry him through this fight.

Logic appears to dictate a close fight, with the bigger, younger Saul Alvarez, wearing down the smaller, older, good man, Miguel Cotto.

I think by decision or possibly a late round stoppage. Whether Miguel Cotto can push Saul Alvarez from his comfort zone, is the question. Or is Saul Alvarez, a Mountain Too High.

What’s your opinion?