Pros and Cons of a Floyd Mayweather Comeback

By Craig Elson

Floyd Mayweather turned pro in 1996 and has an undefeated record of 49-0 (26KOs). He retired in 2015 after his win over Andre Berto and was the biggest paid sports personality in history. Also he is considered by many in the boxing world to be the best fighter ever to step into the squared circle. So what are the pros and cons of Mayweather coming out of retirement.

Floyd has recently claimed he has turned down “nine figures” to return to the ring for a 50th fight and is only interested in Mayweather Promotions and The Money Team fighters.

If Mayweather returned and fought on his preferred September fight date he would have only been out of the ring for a year, he always stays in tremendous shape and would have his usual team of Floyd Mayweather Sr and Roger Mayweather in his camp and corner. Floyd hardly ever gets into a battle in the ring because of his excellent defense and foot movement mixed with his style of hit and not be hit, so were as some fighters have battle scars and injuries Floyd still looks young and fresh. Mayweather seems to sell any fight he is in, against any opponent and this would add more money to his already huge wealth and because he isn’t a belt holder anymore and has no mandatory fighter to face, Floyd could pick pretty much anyone he wanted to face and people would pay to see history in the winning or losing of the fight. The biggest pro for Money Mayweather of course would be he could take his record to 50-0 and that has never been accomplished in the history of the sport.

Floyd is now 39 years old and father time catches up with every man at some point in his life and this could be Mayweathers time. His legacy is all ready written in the history books but if he was to lose could he him self and others still call him TBE (The Best Ever) or without that 0 on his record would that put him down in the all time Pound for Pound list. Who would Floyd pick to fight? He already has haters as well as admires but if he took a so call easy opponent, making that nine figure sum and extending his record in the process, the haters will come out in force more than ever.

In my opinion Floyd Mayweather will come back in September because there are more pros than cons I see him taking his record to 50-0. The only question is who will he fight. I expect he will pick a first class opponent and win by decision in usual Floyd style. But others will disagree and because of this Floyd will sell his fight on returning to the ring because people pay to see him win, others pay to see him lose.

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  • Herman Santos

    con: More boring boxing, cherry picked opponents, banned IV cheating, running and clinching. Please stay retired.