Greatest Heavyweight Boxers Of All Time

Heavyweight boxing has never been better than it is at the moment. Along with fierce giants of men, there are some great technical boxers out there with talent and skill. Currently the division is hugely competitive, possibly the most competitive it has been for the past 20 years. There has been so much talent and arrogance shown in the ring, that even some of the old pros like David Haye, have been forced out of retirement to get a taste of the action. So which brutes have been the best in the ring?

Muhammad Ali

I don’t think many people will have any complaints in calling him the greatest heavyweight ever. Not only was the man an incredible boxer, he was also a massively influential political figure and leader. Since Ali was in his prime, there hasn’t been a faster heavyweight, simple as that. Not only did he tick all the boxes of being an incredible fighter, but he also had such distinctive bravery. Who would have kept fighting with a broken jaw? Who would have risen in the 15th round from a Joe Frazier power house hook? Not only did he take down some of the greats, but he also stood for what he believed in, banned from boxing because of his stance against the Vietnam war, but still a champion. He often called himself ‘the greatest’. He was telling the truth.

Mike Tyson

A fearsome boxer in his hay day. Tyson won gold at the Junior Olympics in 1982, after a storming performance in the tournament, winning each match by KO in the first round. But this was just a start of things to come for the boxing great. He went on to win 50 out of his 58 fights loosing just six. What made Tyson so unique was his pre-match walk. It was often said that he had already won the fight before it had kicked off. The American was so imposing, working up a full sweat before anyone had even thrown a punch! Some do, however, say that Tyson was never really tested against some of the best.

Wladimir Klitschko

Possibly a source of contention. But in terms of modern greats, he has to be up there. He is second only to Joe Louis in stats and longevity, with a quite brilliant record standing at 64 wins in 68 matches. An absolute monster of a man, people haven’t nickname him the mountain from game of thrones for nothing! He has a trucker of a right hand, but his style is not all power. He is extremely fit and is able to wear down his opponents, before finally unleashing the beast. His right fist!

Lennox Lewis

A true great, and a powerful fighter. Some say that Lewis wasn’t fully appreciated but all you need to do is look at who he beat. Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Andrew Golota and Vitali Klitschko. The man knew how to pack a punch. Not only did Lewis have the brawns, but he also had the brains. Technically he was a very gifted clever fighter, he knew how to move his opponents around the ring, whilst also baiting them well enough with jabs. At his peak he was arguably the perfect fighter, only loosing once in his 44 matches.

Joe Frazier

Frazier was a complete beast in his prime. Like the best heavyweights he wasn’t totally reliant on power. Instead his technique revolved around jabs and poaching his opponent until they were eventually completely worn down. He will forever be remembered for his rivalry with Ali. Specifically the ‘Thrilla In Manila’ Possibly the most brutal heavyweight match of all time, an epic.