Nate Diaz Will Humiliate Conor McGregor’s Again At UFC 202

By Albert Benson

I used to be a fan of Conor McGregor until he started talking mess about the Pay-Per-View King Floyd Mayweather Jr., when he started talking silly and acting a fool about Mayweather that is when I lost all respect for him.

Nate Diaz exposed McGregor, its ridiculous that he thinks he could beat Mayweather at his own game yet he got beat up by a slow, Margarito style plodding MMA Boxer. What would happen if he fought a man as versatile and skilled as Money May? He would be humiliated and outclassed, it would be like Big League versus Little League, and Conor isn’t Major League that’s for sure.

McGregor is nothing but a hype job. He wishes he could like Money Mayweather, he is yapping like a con man to make money and that is all. Floyd was willing to give him a handout but this man was so delusional that he wanted over $20 million dollars, the UFC doesn’t even pay him a million dollars guaranteed. This shows me he was never serious, and just tried to use Mayweather’s name to sell his rematch with Diaz at UFC 202. I had to laugh when this delusional court jester Conor McGregor said it was because of him that the UFC sold for $4 billion.


I think McGregor is going to try and outbox Diaz again. He claimed to have gassed out and didn’t conserve energy the first fight, but the truth is he threw every punch in the book and couldn’t even drop Diaz. After he got tired, Diaz broke him down with some sloppy slow punches and McGregor gave up his back and quit, he tapped so quick and this is a man who claims he is the greatest fighter in the world and called others quitters.

Diaz is going to beat McGregor again, and this time with a full training camp he is going to break Conor down and beat him like he stole something. Nate Diaz is too gangsta for Conor, its gonna be a real G versus a wannabe at UFC 202. Conor should have kept Mayweather’s name out of his mouth, now he is going to take another loss like everyone else who called Floyd out. Floyd stays winning even in retirement.