Kell Brook gets stopped in round 5 by Gennady Golovkin

Undefeated middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin went to Kell Brook’s home country of England, to defend his middleweight titles the fight was billed as a mismatch with the welterweight champion Brook going up in weight class to challenge Golovkin at his weight.

Boxing history is full of a smaller fighters going up in weight to challenge for titles, some win and some fell short, and some got knocked out in the process.

Kell Brook put up a real fight, showed no fear from the opening of round one, trading blows with the uncharacteristically aggressive Golovkin.

Round two was Brook’s best round, he was able to slip many of Golovkins swarming attack, and answered back with a power combo of his own.

Round three was an even fight but Golovkin aggressively attacked and Brook not one to back down from the bigger man showed he could take a punch and continued to exchange.

Brook and Golovkin both start round four off with marks on their face from the exchange of blows, Brook’s face showing more damage and swelling, but unwilling to back down Brook uses his movement and slipping to avoid and take steam off the punches, Golovkin wins the round with his constant pressure.

Round five was all action, Golovkin super aggressive and urgent attacks and attacks on Brook hitting him clean to the body and head, Brook smiles and shows he isn’t hurt but his corner doesn’t agree and trainer
Dominic Ingle throws in the white towel to call off the fight and the referee obliges.

The fans were rooting for Brook and the stoppage by his corner was interesting because although Brook was being attacked he was still competitive, he didn’t look hurt to the point of not being able to continue, he was still moving and looked ready to exchange answering back with his own punches. There have been fighters in more danger, but the trainer made the decision to stop the fight early so that his fighter wouldn’t suffer prolonged damaged.