Manny Pacquiao The Hypocrite. A Former Drug Addict Who Supports Duterte’s Deadly War On Drugs

By Larry Limcangco

Whenever I hear Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao introduced as Senator it makes me cringe. This is a man who signed two contracts causing rival promoters to go to court over his rights, failed to publicly acknowledge an injury to postpone the biggest fight in boxing history against Floyd Mayweather just so he could collect over $100 million dollars. He is also an adulterer who openly admit to cheating on his wife Jinkee for years while lying to her face about it. Now, he admits to being a former drug addict, taking all kinds of drugs as a teen and young boxer.

Manny Pacquiao told On Demand News that he tried drugs before and because of that he supports Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte and his deadly war on drugs. Pacquiao a self proclaimed Born Again Christian, best known for saying Boxing is not for killing, all of a sudden believes that the death penalty and vigilante killings of suspected drug users and pushers is warranted.

This is a man full of contradictions. He puts up a good guy image, but that image has been soiled ever since he kept exposing himself as a hypocrite and lately attacking gays. The first time around he was misquoted by a Filipino journalist, and people forgave him, the second time he was on video smiling and laughing comparing gays to animals, he wound up losing his sponsors and his Pay-Per-View numbers dropped. The Hollywood A listers who once supported him were scared to support him or be seen at his fight for fear of being blacklisted.


Manny Pacquiao

He also lied about an injury to the fans who paid for the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. Pacquiao was one of the most beloved boxers in the world. Many Americans were rooting for the Filipino over the American Mayweather and he disappointed everyone with his sub par performance. He just showed up to collect a check while misleading the paying public. He had an injury a few weeks before the fight and instead of calling it off so he could be one hundred percent and give a good effort, he decided on a money grab, a corrupt politician move, he stole their hard earned money and shamelessly laughed all the way to the bank. Fans expected the ferocious never say die Manny, what they got was a man with one good arm who just showed up to collect a check and barely threw any punches. He was injured and knew it and decided to go through with it, all for the sake of money, is this a trustworthy person? Is he the man you want to be President of your country?

He always claims he cares about the fans, that he wants to give a good show. He hasn’t given a good show in years and always has an excuse. The truth is he doesn’t want to get hurt anymore and figures if I can hype up the fight and tell people I’m going to bring back the old destroyer Manny, maybe they will buy the fight and I can go in there box for 12 rounds and win that way and still collect millions without getting hurt. He is all hype, hype by the media and the gullible fans.

A hypocrite who wants drug users dead. It’s one thing to go after the drug dealers but to kill people who have drug addiction instead of getting them help is not Christlike, especially from a self admitted former drug abuser. You would think a Born Again Christian man who knows what its like to be addicted to drugs would sympathize with other addicts, and try to help them overcome like he did, No, instead he supports the President in killing them on the spot. Where is the hope? Drug addicts are victims not criminals, unless they are doing violent crimes to others, they should be given a chance to redeem themselves, what happened to all that compassion and empathy or was it just a show to make yourself seem like a Holy figure to win votes and the adoration of the people to feed your Narcissistic ways.