Broner vs. Granados: Which Adrien/Adrian Won?

By Fatih Eroglu

Adrien Broner got his 33rd win in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio against Chicago fighter Adrian Granados. The fight was scheduled for ten rounds, both fighters gave everything they had. A lot of fast pace, quick exchanges between the two world class welterweights. Both fighters certainly gave the fans exactly what they wanted in this fight as the fans were on their feet cheering on as both fighters were going at it. Neither fighter was backing down as they were trading shots in each round that made it a very close fight. The judges had a tough decision to make on this incredible matchup

After it was all set and done, the score cards were announced and they were: 96-94, 97-93, 97-93. In a controversial split decision, Adrien “The Problem” Broner was able to walk away with the victory on his home turf. There was a question whether or not in his victory at home gave him the advantage. After the fight, Broner showed respect to his opponent saying “Adrian Granados is a world class fighter, and I knew he would bring the best out of me.”

As for Granados, he was not happy with the outcome, as he got his 5th loss. He felt everything that lead up to the fight that there were too many games being played. Granados wanted the fight at 140 lbs but Broner wanted to fight at 147 lbs in which Granados accepted. Granados also requested for a 12 round fight but Broner wanted 10 rounds. With all the frustration that lead up to the fight and the end result from last night, Granados requested for a rematch to take place in his hometown of Chicago. Only time will tell when this fight will take place, and I’m sure fight fans would love to see these two go at it again.