Deontay Wilder vs Gerald Washington a Heavyweight Extravaganza

By Fatih Eroglu

Deontay Wilder vs Gerald Washington is official, the fighters have weighed in and are set for an exciting twelve round heavyweight championship match-up tomorrow night.

Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (37-0) will be defending his WBC heavyweight title against Gerald Washington (18-0-1). The fight is going to take place at the Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama. This fight will determine the fate of the heavyweight division as both fighters, champion and challenger, have something to prove.

Wilder is known for his devastating knockout power as he has won all of his fights but one by either KO or TKO. In this twelve round battle, Wilder has a tough opponent in Gerald Washington a challenger ready to prove his worth. Wilder is favored by many to win the fight due to his undefeated record and ending fights in the early rounds. He has a real opportunity to win it in front of his hometown. If he gets the win, he is determined to take the heavyweight division to the next level.

Gerald Washington says he is ready for his fight against Wilder, and is ready to give his all to capture the belt. If he wins, he would be crowned the new WBC heavyweight champion. If Washington were to win, it can potentially shake up the heavyweight division that would bring interesting match-ups in the future.

Does Gerald Washington have what it takes to beat Deontay Wilder? Will Deontay continue his dominance as he looks to conquer the heavyweight division? We will find out tomorrow night.