Another Boxing Travesty, Danny Jacobs Robbed Against Golovkin In NY

By Dewayne Bungo

The Gennady Golovkin vs. Danny Jacobs fight was supposed to be the first legit middleweight superfight in ages, it turned out to be a travesty and a heart-breaker for those of us who really enjoy the sweet science. I call Golovkin “Manny Pacquiao 2.0”, he is just another HBO hype job sold to the masses and later got exposed.

Jacobs a proud black American man and cancer survivor from New York got robbed in the open on live TV. I witnessed the fight from a local casino it was packed with non-blacks, I’d say a good 300 people stopped and watched the fight on the jumbo screen. When the decision was announced not one boo, everyone was cheering the decision.

I was scared to make any comment or disagreement because I was the only black man in a sea of mainly Mexicans and Whites. Not one person was rooting for Jacobs, every single time GGG hit Jacobs they roared in exaggeration. When Jacobs landed flurries and taunted and made Golovkin miss not a peep, some even accused him of running.

I could see the obvious bias and it was a rowdy crowd. I knew it was a tense night, the fans were witnessing Golovkin being exposed and taken to school by Jacobs. The power was overrated, and Jacobs smiled and laughed at GGG’s best shots, he humiliated him and took his confidence. If you understand the sport of boxing you will realize Jacobs controlled the majority of the fight, threw more punches, and used slick tactics, Golovkin was timid and showed his conditioning is garbage he was gassing after throwing a few power shots in the air.

The crowd knew that Jacobs won because before the decision was announced by Micheal Buffer I heard people shouting “watch they’re gonna rob Golovkin” if they were not worried why would they shout that? They knew Jacobs did a number on their guy that is why and they were worried he would lose.

When the winner was Golovkin they all cheered loudly like it was a sigh of relief. Boxing needs to fix this, stop being racially biased against the black fighter. You can cry and say I’m playing the race card, but why did people get mad when Andre Ward beat Kovalev or threaten Tim Bradley’s life when he beat Manny Pacquiao he had to go into hiding, why did people boo when Mayweather got the decision over Pacquiao? Ward, Bradley and Mayweather won on points and the judges gave them the decision but if you notice the majority of these angry people seem to put their frustrations out only when a black fighter gets the decision. Is this all just a coincidence that all three of those fighters happen to be blackĀ  going against non-black boxers or is it racial, you tell me and be open minded to the possibility that race is still an issue in 2017.

  • Proud African (MicahX.J. RIP)

    You are right bro. Too many white judges when there are a lot of Black, Latino, and Asian champs who bring in millions of dollars. White Mafia at work.

  • Herman Santos

    The travesty is what happened to Roman Gonzales. Out threw his opponent, landed 160 MORE punches (that’s 160 MORE) and connected at a staggering 59% connect rate and he lost? At least Jacobs suffered the only knock down in his fight, threw less, landed less, @ a lower connect rate and was visably hurt more than he hurt his opponent. That’s like a reasonable loss. Gonzales was a straight up robbery.

  • Herman Santos

    Counter point: Let’s keep things in their proper context. A 170 pounder scoring the only knock down over a fighter that blew off the 2nd weigh in and hid his fight night weight and came in weighing anywhere from a LHW-CW, is very impressive!!! Especially when that LHW-CW couldn’t knock down or hurt the 170 pounder. What 3G did would be equivalent to Floyd fighting Canelo without a catchweight. Canelo going up to 180-190 pounds and Floyd backing him up, knocking his down, wobbling him throughout the fight, landing more punches at a higher connect rate. How could you say Floyd should have lost a fight like that. Floyd has done much much less in his fight and was said the “dominated”. Well if Floyd “domingates” doing less, then 3G won.

  • Thomas Pynchon

    I hope no one takes this clown seriously. The fight wasn’t even close.

    The irony is that it’s all the racist blacks who are desperate to ruin the name of any great white athlete, making up outright lies to push their agenda. I don’t think people like the author of this article even like boxing, or sports for that matter, it’s all about pushing their racist pro black agenda over all else.

    Golovkin won clearly, on review I scored it 116-111 for GGG.

  • Claudio

    Dude its not a racial issue its a money issue. They wanted GGG vs Canelo so they robbed Danny Jacobs. It happens in boxing great boxers who beat stars they werent expected to beat get robbed to save the star. Hagler vs Leonard, Mayweather vs Castillo 1, Lara vs Paul williams, these are all examples of Black Men bieng favored in the fight because theyre more popular not for racial reasons.Im i saying there is no racism in boxing? No there is stupid racist people in all facets of life. The point you made that every one was againts Danny cause hes black is false. They were againts him not cause hes black but because he wasnt like them. He could have been asian, Pueto rican, or cuban their guys are GGG and Canelo from your description so ofcourse they are biased, isn’t every casual boxing fan? Im puerto Rican guess who my family likes in boxing(Trinidad,Cotto,Garcia) my best friend growing up whos black guess whos his favorite(Lennox Lewis, Mayweather, Wilder, and Tyson,and Ali) is he racist?No he’s a casual fan.Im more of lover of the science so i like(Pernall Whitaker, Erislandy Lara, Andre Ward, Marvin Hagler, Vasil, and ofcourse Miguel Cotto)You can’t keep playing the race card it just divides more.No question Boxing is deeply flaud but if you want to find the root issue don’t look at skin color! Just follow the money.