Canelo Alvarez Would Beat Gennady Golovkin And Possibly Stop Him

By Chuy Marco

Now we know why middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin turned down a multi-million dollar offer to face Mexican stud Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, he knew he would get exposed and lose badly. If a welterweight like Kell Brook could touch GGG up and Danny Jacobs gave him a close competitive fight, imagine what Canelo would do? He would finish the job and could possibly be the first to stop him.

Golovkin is a one dimensional fighter. He doesn’t have much defense and has poor stamina. I will admit that Canelo doesn’t have the best conditioning but he knows how to pace himself and set traps, something Golovkin doesn’t know how to do. It was embarrassing to see a fighter that was marketed as being this ferocious force be relegated to a tired, arm puncher by the mid rounds in his fight against Jacobs.

People can say all the excuses they want for his poor performance, the truth is, Golovkin was matched up with the right fighters and promoted by HBO to look like the next Mike Tyson. I knew he was bound to get exposed.

Canelo Alvarez

If Canelo beats Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in May, I would suggest that Golovkin accept Golden Boy promotions offer and take the fight. He has to take the fight for the most money he will ever make before some mandatory challenger beats him and his image is tarnished.

Nobody fears Triple G anymore, he looks human and his flaws were exposed back to back. His power according to Jacobs was nothing special, and Canelo has a solid chin and is a stocky hard hitter who will find his mark against the face forward predictable Golovkin. A new middleweight king will be crowned.