Amir Khan: What could have been, but sadly what truly is

By Alvin Douglas

Close your eyes. Imagine you are throwing a party. This is the biggest event you have ever tried to put on. You invite all your friends and family. You have a DJ, catered food, lights, the whole nine yards. You get to the party and make your grand entrance…….No one has showed up. Not your friends, not your family. You are alone. Go to that place in your mind and try to cope with those feelings. That’s how Amir Khan makes me feel with every fight he ducks in his pursuit making millions of dollars without fighting any tough fights.

Amir Khan could have been regarded as one of the greats regardless of his weakest attribute: His chin. He is ferocious in the ring. He sets an amazing pace and has blazing speed. His jab is one of the best in the sport, and he undoubtedly can give even the best fighters a tough run until he gets hit. Even when he does get hit on the chin and his legs are long gone, he hangs in there. He keeps throwing punches, he keeps getting up. He’s got the heart of a champion……when he’s in the boxing ring.

Outside of the ring though is a different story. First, he NEVER avenges any losses. A true champion would have rematched Breidis Prescott. A true champion would have rematched Lamont Peterson. A true champion would have rematched Danny Garcia. Talent wise, Amir Khan is better than all of the fighters I just named. How can it be possible that it doesn’t burn him to know that all of these opponents have victories over him? How can you as a boxer not demand retribution? Manny Pacquiao fought Juan Manuel Marquez 4 times. He fought Timothy Bradley 3 times. Not because the fans wanted to see those fights, but because he had something to prove to himself. Lennox Lewis suffered 2 VICIOUS knockouts and made sure to avenge both losses. Great fighters don’t let fear or even money come before their pride. After all, what is a fighter without his pride?

Amir Khan (Right) with Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao (Left)

I’m the first person to say that Amir Khan has a ton of heart. My issue with Amir Khan is that he has absolutely no pride. None in himself and none for his sport. How can you demand a Mayweather fight after winning bouts against Luis Collazo, Devon Alexander, and Chris Algieri? The best fighter Khan fought and beat was an OLD Marco Antonio Barrera. Other than that fight, the best win he has was against Marcos Maidana. And if that fight were 13 rounds he would have been knocked out. He was in one of the deepest divisions in boxing and fought no one. Where’s the Keith Thurman fight? Where’s the rematch with Maidana? Where’s the rematch with Garcia or Peterson? Where is a Shawn Porter fight? Where are all these fights? Most importantly, where is the fight against Kell Brook?

The Kell Brook fight is a travesty. The time is now for Brook vs Khan. We are talking about one of the biggest fights in British history. We are talking about two fighters who have a deep rivalry. Two fighters bleeding talent, and at the top of their game. Two fighters coming off tough losses to bigger opponents. It’s PERFECT. But not in Amir Khan’s world. Amir, for some reason, feels he can tell other fighters who they should fight. Even though he wouldn’t fight the fighters he is recommending. Khan made it a point to price himself out of the Kell Brook fight because he doesn’t want anything to do with him. I’ve heard multiple reasons why Amir thinks he doesn’t need the fight. Why doesn’t Khan think about the reasons he should want a Kell Brook fight? This leads me to believe he doesn’t really think he can win it. If Amir Khan Beats Kell Brook, he has cemented his legacy in the annals of British boxing history. If he loses, WHO CARES, he lost to one of the best fighters in the world. When the smoke clears, Kell Brook is going to fight one of the most talented, dangerous, and young 147lb fighters on the planet. Brook is the underdog against undefeated American Errol Spence! The real fact is that Kell is all wrong for Amir. Amir knows that Kell would undoubtedly knock him out. That’s the problem with Amir Khan. He’s wants the fame and the fortune, but he doesn’t want to get in the ring with a killer unless he’s getting paid a ton of money and he has nothing to lose. He had nothing to lose against Canelo Alvarez. He has everything to lose against Kell Brook.

I know the article has been mostly negative towards Amir Khan, but I actually enjoy watching him fight. I enjoy watching him fight the best in the world. I think that’s why I’m so bitter. He’s robbed the boxing community of simply amazing fights due to his lack of pride and abundance of ego. I’m tired of being disappointed. I’m tired of giving everything to a sport and getting boxers like Amir Khan in return. My advice, fight Amir. Fight someone, anyone with a pulse. If you are the A side, then act like it. Be the draw. Take a dangerous fight and win it for god sake. Deep down I am rooting for you because I love your style. Love you as a boxer, but I hate the choices you make with picking opponents.