Tony Bellew needs rematch just as much as David Haye, and here’s why

Back in march of this year 2017, underdog Scouse boxer Tony Bellew shocked the boxing world by stepping up to the heavyweight division and defeating former champion David Haye in a match for the ages.

The victory however, wasn’t without controversy and many believe Bellew might just be out of his depth calling out all these other heavyweight powerhouses, such as Deontay Wilder and Joseph Parker when he just about beat a one legged David Haye who was arguably well past his prime.

In the 6th round of their match, Haye landed awkwardly on his ankle, rupturing his Achilles tendon and from there on fought the rest of the bout on one leg, clearly in agonizing pain.
It was a pity for Haye who had been in control for most of the fight up until this turning point, despite some sloppy slack swinging and movement.

Despite this, take nothing away from Tony Bellew. He was overlooked for this contest from day one, with bookies suggesting The Hayemaker will make easy work of Bellew. No one gave Bellew a chance. He fought valiant and from the heart, trained and prepared for the war like a true professional while The Hayemaker was on a yacht in sunny L.A, sipping cocktails and partying in nightclubs. Not the ideal preparation for a clash with Bellew.

Perhaps he underestimated Bellew. But David Haye is arguably one of the greatest heavyweights in the world of boxing and of this generation and many will believe that a fully fit, 2 legged David Haye at his best would make easy work of Bellew. Haye got unlucky with his injury as he was controlling the fight until rupturing the Achilles, and this victory, in my opinion was a tainted one.

Bellew however, despite winning the war, hasn’t fully proved he is ready to compete amongst the best the heavyweight division has to offer. Even one of Deontay Wilders crew questioned Bellews victory over Haye during an altercation at the build up to the Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko fight.

Despite overcoming the odds on the night, the truth is Tony Bellew needs this fight again just as much as David Haye. For Bellew it would silence many doubters from inside and outside the heavyweight division if he were able to defeat David Haye twice, perhaps retiring the Hayemaker and make him a serious contender for the likes of Parker and Wilder. For David Haye, it’s about redemption. A career defining fight, one that could make or break what’s left of an illustrious career and Putting right what’s wrong. He can’t look past Bellew right now and admittedly said himself in the post match interview that he can no longer think about fighting for titles anymore with this defeat in the air.

Will we get to see these 2 warriors collide again?

Here’s hoping….

David Haye raises Tony Bellews hand after the fight