Prediction: Jeff Horn will KO Manny Pacquiao for the upset

Manny Pacquiao has been exposed several times and is on the tail end of his career only fighting guys he has a chance to beat. Tonight he fights unknown Australian challenger and school teacher Jeff Horn. The PacMan is no longer a draw in the United States after he put on a pathetic attempt against Floyd Mayweather where he made more lame excuses for why he got schooled and lost. He said he had an injury and that he had a dream that he would lose, and robbed the fans blind all the way to the bank.

Bob Arum has decided to try and milk Pacquiao overseas and was able to get a big crowd to buy into the Jeff Horn fight. Pacquiao vs Horn will not be on PPV but on ESPN because if they put that on PPV it would not sell 100k buys, it would be a disaster, I doubt this fight even does good ratings on ESPN nobody is going to watch it because Pacquiao is a has been and no longer a name in boxing.

I have to give Arum credit for being able to get a limited boxer such as Pacquiao millions of dollars from gullible casuals who bought into the hype. Horn is another guy that team Pacquiao thinks is an easy fight, but he has the tools and size to beat an older Pacquiao.

Horn isn’t a world beater, he is a local attraction in Brisbane, Australia but he is fighting in his hometown and has been disrespected by Pacquiao and Freddie Roach overlooking him like he is nothing but a tune up. I saw the build up to the fight, Manny showed up late to a VIP event, was ignoring team Horn’s speeches and fiddling with his texting device for a good 15 minutes with no respect.

Pacquiao, Freddie Roach and Justin Fortune are so arrogant they think they will have no trouble with this young school teacher and are predicting a KO, he will get humbled big time because these limited brawling type boxers have nothing to lose and will just attack you with power shots, and we know since Juan Manuel Marquez put Manny to sleep he has never been the same.

I have a strange feeling this will be another cherry pick gone wrong, Horn might just shock the world by knocking out the Filipino Senator and retiring him for good.

I’m riding with Horn. He is limited and reminds me of a bigger version of Ricky Hatton with more power, but his youth and aggression should be enough to overwhelm Manny. Age waits for no man, and we know that Manny has no defense or chin, he will get hit often and he doesn’t have any power to hurt Horn.

I believe Horn will either knock Pacquiao out early or catch him in the middle rounds with an overhand right or a sneaky uppercut. I hope he retires him for good, and I hope Horn will try and unify the WBO belt with either Errol Spence or Keith Thurman, because Pacquiao and his team if they win will continue to duck these young hungry champions without unifying the WBO belt for undisputed lineage.