Chris Eubank Sr on Joe Calzaghe, Carl Froch and all-time greatness

By Samuel Lee Chris Eubank on Calzaghe’s ranking: Joe Calzaghe is the number one top fighter in the history of the game. He beat Chris Eubank, Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones over 36 rounds when we each had one of our best ever performances left in us. He broke my all-time world record of consecutive […]

Chris Eubank Sr discusses the Super Middleweights

By Samuel Lee Chris Eubank, you are considered one of the greatest super-middleweights in the short history of that particular division. Was it ever an aim to contest at that weight and why did you move there in the first place?

Christopher Livingstone Eubank on Nigel Benn fights, Floyd Mayweather’s style, and ‘Simply the Best’

Chris Eubank on Benn dynamic ‘The fascinating thing is that Nigel Benn vs me was far from being a straight-ahead dynamic. Look closer and you will see contradictions. It was Benn, not myself, that ate with a silver spoon. Whilst Benn was being groomed for superstardom by a heavy promotion team, I was scrabbling in […]

Chris Eubank Sr gives his thoughts on Son’s next fight, Pacquiao-Mayweather, and more

Chris Eubank Sr Q&A A catch-up session with Chris Sr in Brighton as his son Eubank Jr begins preparations for his May 9th title defense at Wembley Arena.

Chris Eubank Sr on son, past rivals and Mayweather-Pacquiao

by Sam Lee I caught up with European great Chris Eubank Sr in Vegas!