Is Manny Pacquiao scared of the middleweight division?

By Lester Salvador All of this pressure being put on Floyd Mayweather Jr to go up to the middleweight division and fight Gennady Golovkin is ridiculous. Why does Mayweather have to go up to middleweight when he has already proven himself against the best?

Gennady Golovkin looks good, but he is not on Mayweather’s level

By Jacoby Sharee I’m not going to call Gennady Golovkin the man at middleweight because he might turn out to be another hyped up HBO fighter like Manny Pacquiao. One thing is for certain he is not on Floyd Mayweather’s level and never will be. Money May is one of a kind and you will […]

Mike Lee: An opportunity

By Scott Brown While there exists many business opportunities for a finance major, his desire of becoming a light heavyweight champion draws him into the ring. Mike Lee is many things: a Chicagoan, Notre Dame College graduate, a Subway model, and “oh yeah” he’s a boxer. He wants to put all that aside and be […]