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A Boxing Fan’s View of PPV

In a tough economy many Americans are forced to conserve their money and only splurge on certain indulgences. As a boxing fan who is pretty much tight on money I always get the same reaction from plenty of the boxing fans I run into….”Man PPV cost too much!” Boxing is hurting itself with unnecessary PPV’s. […]

Pacman or Fatman?

After watching Pavlik go up 10 pounds to 170 to fight the older more adjusted fighter at that weight in Hopkins I had a thought. Could Manny Pacquiao aka the Pacman successfully go up 12 pounds and maintain his speed and ferocity? Seeing Kelly Pavlik go up just 10 pounds but looking slower then a […]

Whose Afraid of Ghosts? Not Hopkins.

Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins showed that he belongs amongst the All Time Greats in boxing by defying age and betting odds and proving the many boxing writers and pundits wrong by putting on a boxing clinic on the Ghost Kelly Pavlik. Hopkins in my opinion showed that clean living, determination and always having a hunger […]

Oct. 18 Pavlik versus Hopkins on HBO PPV

KELLY “THE GHOST” PAVLIK AND BERNARD “THE EXECUTIONER” HOPKINS are scheduled to fight in light heavyweight bout at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall.  The fight is scheduled for Saturday Oct 18, 2008.  It will air on HBO pay per view. MORE INFORMATION AT HBO BOXING DISCUSS THIS TOPIC IN OUR FORUM . . . . .