Boxer Joe Frazier’s step-grandson Peter Lyde is killed in bar

Step-Grandson of Joe Frazier Killed

Philadelphia – Police are looking for the gunman who shot the stepson of Judge Jackie Joe Frazier-Lyde and grandson of Philadelphia boxing great Joe Frazier.

Early Sunday morning two customers got into an argument at the Pleasures On The Ridge Bar at 22nd and Ridge in north Philadelphia.  Police tell Fox-29’s Julie Kim, two men were arguing inside the bar when the shooting started. Police say a stray  bullet hit 25-year-old Peter Lyde in the chest.

A close friend put down a memorial Sunday afternoon outside the club. “I thought it was a mistake. I really didn’t think it was him,” said Al Brown.

Friends of 25-year old Peter Lyde still can’t believe their friend is gone and that his life was snuffed by a single bullet. Lyde was a bouncer at the club. Friends said he had just moved into a new home and was working security, outside of his full time job, to get extra cash.

Al Brown said even worse, “This is the first time he was doing security at this establishment.”

“We always refer to him as a gentle giant the guy was well over 400 pounds massive but you would never mistake him for aggressive or evil person,” said Jay Barnes, another friend.

A memorial has started outside the club. It included Eagles paraphernalia because Lyde was a die hard fan and a Bible.

“He said he was going to catch on fire if he walked in the church but he started going and started liking it,” said Barnes.

The family released a statement that reads, “We are devastated by the passing of our beloved son, brother, cousin and friend.
He was a loving compassionate young man. We appreciate your concerns and support during this time and ask for your prayers.”

Dozens of friends and family gathered outside Judge Jackie Frazier- Lyde’s house Sunday evening.
They are asking if anyone knows anything about who fired the shot that killed their loved one to call police.

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