Floyd Mayweather Sr. Accuses Pacquiao of Taking Steroids,Supplements

A few months after Manny Pacquiao’s vicious second round KO of British light welterweight star Ricky Hatton, Floyd Mayweather Sr. the trainer of Hatton made some allegations that Pacquiao was taking some type of supplements or performance enhancing drugs.

Mayweather Sr. made the bold prediction that his fighter would knock out the Pacman early, but it happened to be the other way around when Hatton was finished off and put to sleep quickly. It was one of the most vicious knockouts in boxing, and it was witnessed live on HBO PPV.

This was enough for Mayweather Sr. to imply that he believed Pacquiao was taking some type of supplements to assist him in his climb up in weight.

The YouTube video interview was done by Mlive.