The Heavyweight Division Needs A Tournament

By Reynaldo G

Showtime’s super 6 tourney this past Saturday was a bright light for boxing.  While watching the first two preliminary bouts of the super-middleweight tourney, I had wondered what if they had a tourney to clear up the heavyweight division mess?

There is no secret that the heavyweight division in boxing has been a giant catastrophe for the past decade, well mainly in America that is.  In Europe they can stake claim to having the top heavyweights and current title holders the Klitschko brothers and the giant Nicolay Valuev. Many say the decline of boxing in America is due to the lack of American heavyweight boxing stars and champions, the lower weights in boxing have always been pretty deep and competitive which is why the little guys seem to be carrying the sport right now.

The major problem is what top quality heavyweights from America do we have that can compete? The last American to try and take the title back was Chris Arreola who was an overweight and out of shape contender who failed miserably against Vitali Klitschko. Most of the over 200 pound athletes go to football, basketball and baseball rather than boxing. Most guys of average build do not have the option to play in pro sports such as football or basketball because of their lack of physical size, so many turn to boxing while bigger athletes get recruited to play college ball.

I have always been curious as to why these bigger guys do not opt to boxing anymore, could it be the fear of winding up punch drunk or dying in the ring? The money would be far more in boxing if they can become an exciting heavyweight champion. A star heavyweight pro boxer could possibly get paid anywhere from $10-20 million dollars a fight depending on ppv revenue. You could fight 3 times a year and make enough money that year to be set for life. Or maybe they are scared off by the negative image of corruption in boxing and it turns them away from the sport? I guess we will just have to wait and see, for now we can enjoy the exciting little guys.

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