BKB lands State Sanction, Bobby Gunn vs Kimbo Slice on the Horizon

May 6th, 2014 has became one of the most important days to date for reemergence of Bare Knuckle Boxing aka BKB. Sources indicate a behind the scenes meeting with a yet to named state has secured sanctioning that promoter David Feldman & lineal Heavyweight Champion Bobby Gunn have long desired for.

After years of meetings and negotiating BKB has found a home that will sanction legitimate pro fights instead of backyard brawls on Youtube. Almost 3 years ago the sport of BKB reemerged on a historic night, August 5th 2011, when Bobby Gunn stopped Richard Stewart in the 3rd round to capture his the title on a Native American Reservation in Arizona. Bobby Gunn’s victory marked the 1st time in 123 years a BKB fight was sanction making Bobby the 1st BKB lineal champion since John L. Sullivan.

Since August 5th 2011, BKB has blossomed while capturing the attention of combat sports fans Worldwide, even producing cheap imitations that used gloves with no knuckle. Even with the cheap imitations and large amount of legit BKB fights that emerge on Youtube, no true BKB fight has been sanctioned. Forcing champion Bobby Gunn to notch several unsanctioned victories in the BKB world and compete at the World level in the sport of boxing while working a construction job to make ends meat.

With the true sports of BKB in high demand, promoter David Feldman, of XFE MMA & Boxing, has been working tirelessly, between promoting MMA and Boxing events regularly, to overcome the roadblocks stopping BKB from being sanctioned. Even the Native American Reservation, despite enormous success, decided not to sanction any more fights due to the pressures from the ABC. Despite fighting, what appeared to be a losing battle, Feldman never quit leading to this momentous occasion. “We’ve been working on this for a long time. This will make history! We couldn’t be more excited!” exclaimed the jubilant Feldman.

With BKB Heavyweight Champion Bobby Gunn’s 1st sanctioned title defense looming, late this summer, sources have indicated talks have begun for a BKB Superfight that fans have longed for for years now. The showdown that is equivalent to Boxing’s Mayweather vs Pacquiao or MMA’s Silva vs St Pierre, sources behind the scenes in BKB believe that the Bobby Gunn vs Kimbo Slice showdown will win the race in combat sport Superfights.

Kimbo Slice aka Kevin Ferguson made a gigantic name for himself while notching several brutal victories in the Miami underground Bare Knuckle scene which went viral on Youtube. He used that fame to transfer into the sport of MMA. After just one amateur MMA fight, when he submitted former Boxing champion & Olympian Ray Mercer in Atlantic City, he notched a 4-2 pro record. Slice even appeared in the UFC’s hit reality show “The Ultimate Fighter” but was defeated in the 1st round by eventual winner Roy Nelson. After his release from the UFC he joined the Boxing ranks compiling a (7-0) record. Despite being undefeated he has not fought since January 2013 when he stop Shane Tilyard in Australia.

After campaigning for a fight with who he calls “Kimberley Slice” in both boxing & BKB for years, BKB Heavyweight Champion Bobby Gunn, who is elated by the news, hopes the mixture of BKB being sanction & Slice’s lack of paydays will force the Youtube legend Slice to take a shot at his title. “Bare Knuckle Boxing is now sanction and legalized! We did the first virgin event in 2011 and we finally have the ability to do it again! A state athletic commission, though we cannot name the commission yet, is on board. Kimbo Slice has to step up to the plate. We offered him $200,000. Where else will he make that kind of money? No where. Kimberley if you are listening, let’s show the fans why BKB is better then boxing, no politics, and that in this sport Superfights can be made! The fans want it, I want it, but are you man enough to chase the glory?” said BKB Heavyweight Champ Bobby Gunn.

One thing is for sure. There would be no better way to kick off the sanctioning of BKB then stage Gunn vs. Slice on PPV and sources indicate that the dreams of combat sports fans & BKB followers a like’s will come true late this summer! Make sure to keep an eye out for the official ranking, website and radio show of the sport of BKB because they will be coming soon!