Manny Pacquiao Should Avoid Terence Crawford And Stay Retired

By Erwin Lastimosa

I would like to congratulate Terence Crawford for his sensational victory over Viktor Postol on Saturday night, it was a virtuoso display of boxing. Crawford was rumored as the next opponent to face Filipino legend Manny Pacquiao, and as a fan of the 8 division champion, I hope he stays retired and avoids Crawford for his own health.

Pacquiao has already proven himself in boxing history and has been a part time fighter ever since he got involved with Philippine politics. He has one foot in the boxing ring and one in the political field and this type of mentality is very dangerous when fighting a young lion like Crawford. Pacquiao is almost 40 years old and has been in many wars including a vicious one punch KO to Juan Manuel Marquez and he recently retired with a good win over American rival Timothy Bradley. He should not tarnish his grand exit to be a stepping stone for a young fighter.

Floyd Mayweather has the right mindset for health and longevity, he has the power to pick and choose the safest opponent while applying the safest strategy to win while avoid punishment. He also makes millions with this tactic and has been undefeated for years. Pacquiao on the other hand is more of a loyal employee who is eager to fulfill any task his boss Bob Arum asks of him.


After witnessing Terence Crawford toy with and outbox the number two light welterweight in the world, it made me realize at this stage Manny has nothing left, he might even suffer a bad beating at the hands of Crawford. Pacquiao has slowed down, his killer instinct is no longer there and he seems to only fight to earn money.

Another issue is the ability Crawford showed to confuse his opponent by moving backwards without getting tired. Crawford had Postol chasing him and unable to time him, while Crawford fired off vicious counter shots by baiting Postol into traps. Pacquiao has a difficulty cutting of the ring and doesn’t do well against movers or runners as he says, he also ran into a vicious right hand counter by Marquez while jumping in trying to catch Marquez as he moved back.

Crawford is the future of boxing there is no doubt about it. He has the skills, the height and reach to hang with anyone at 140 to 147, and he has the ability to defeat this aging version of Manny Pacquiao.

As a Pacquiao fan my kind advice for the newly inducted Senator is to focus on politics and not make the same mistake as other aging legends who suffered several stoppage losses at the tail end of their career by fighting longer than they should. Fighting way past your prime can lead to neurological disorders like Dementia Pugilistica. Please Manny do not risk your health for one last payday. You are a future Hall of Famer, and you’ve already done it all in boxing with nothing left to prove. Stay Retired!

  • audioracle

    What did the Bradley fight tell you? Put him against Bradley first and let him take the bragging rights to fight Manny. It’s academical that Crawford will defeat postol. I believe Manny is still very much equipped and poised to offset Crawford’s skills.

    • Sirjo Santibanez


    • guindulmanzombie

      If you’re really following the fights of Manny, you should know that Manny and Roach have not solved the equation against a boxer (mover). The only plan that they have is to complain “I tried to put on an exciting fight, but he was running.” I love Manny, but if he really wants to fight against Crawford he should know how Crawford moves and he should formulate an effective plan to cut the ring. Hoping for Crawford to fight toe-to-toe against him should not be part of the fight plan.

  • Percival Antares

    How could Manny retire? He still has two remaining fights to comply for Bob Arum’s Top Rank. His retirement is pseudo…More of a marketing ploy…If he doesn’t fight, lawsuits would befall on him…Boxing is business, first!

  • mang goosetin

    Im not worried about Manny’s health on this fight, crawford is the second coming of Mayweather run boxing style, so how the hell will crawford hurt manny in any way? If he run from postol can you imagine how much more will he run against pacquiao?? Such a boring boxer from the beginning I was never awed on his skills. Another businessman turned boxer boring as hell.