Randy Couture would like to see Ricky Hatton in UFC

Randy Couture  knows a thing or tw0 about come backs.  The former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight champion, has career filled with both wins and losses.  After a devastating loss in his 3rd fight to Chuck Liddell,  he came out of retirement to take the UFC Heavyweight title from Tim Sylvia.

Randy Couture fights Brandon Vera at UFC 105 in England on Nov. 14,  the same day that boxer Manny Pacquiao fights Miguel Cotto.  In an interview with the Manchester Evening News, Couture suggested Manchester native Ricky Hatton, who recently loss to Floyd Mayweater Jr and Manny Pacquiao, could join the UFC.

“I am a big fan of Ricky Hatton, he is a fantastic fighter.  I could get him up to speed on the ground wrestling part of it, while he could take advantage of his boxing talent. Couture said.  “He could make a big difference in the lighter categories.”

“A lot of boxers have trouble putting themselves in the situation where they are going to get choked and taken down. But if he can learn the ways of UFC then he could go a long way. He is a tremendous fighter and has a lot of heart.”

“There is no doubt he could make a tremendous impact with his heart and determination in the ring.”

UFC 105, Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera will air Nov. 14 on Spike TV delayed broadcast.

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