Anderson Silva Wins over Cote with a Freak TKO Injury

The Main Event of UFC 90 ended in a unpredictable way. It looked like Anderson Silva was just toying with Cote for the first 2 rounds of the fight, but I think he respected Cote and was waiting for him to come in with wild punches so he could counter him. The Funny thing is Patrick Cote at the start of the 3rd round gaveĀ  a smile while holding up 3 fingers basically addressing the audience that he is the first guy to make it to the 3rd round with Anderson Silva. Sadly that would be Cote’s biggest accomplishment that night against Silva because something unexpected was about to happen. Just as the round was starting up Cote lands awkwardly on his right leg while trying to feint a punch and pops his knee, he falls down in pain and the fight is over. It was a bit disappointing especially for those who paid for the tickets and PPV price but this is the fight game and anything can happen it is unscripted. Anderson Silva will be back and Patrick Cote will be back as well but depending on his injury, he could be out for months. I was pretty impressed with Cote he put up a real smart fight and I was curious to see what would of happen in the championship rounds.

The fight of the night to me was Sean Sherk vs Tyson Griffin both of these guys came to fight putting on great MMA stand up battle the irony is they are both wrestlers but striking more then wrestling. Both of these guys were short which made it easier for them to feel more comfortable striking it was pretty equal and hard to score. You could make an argument and give it to Griffin for being more precise and score his counter punching more or you could give it to Sean Sherk for throwing more while moving forward. I gave it to Sherk and so did the judges. Overall it was a pretty good card despite the big let down of the Main Event which was the reason I ordered the card.