Pro Boxing Comes To Malta – EBU Inducts Malta Boxing Commission

Earlier this month, at the EBU General Meeting in Dublin, Ireland, the EBU Assembly voted that the Malta Boxing Commission become affiliated to the European Boxing Union.

This exciting announcement has paved the way for the development of professional boxing in the Republic, as well as opening the door for promoters to hold sanctioned professional boxing events in Malta for the first time.

Founders of the Malta Boxing Commission ’84 Olympian Alexander Zammit and international sports publicist Gianluca Di Caro today jointly stated their intention to put Malta firmly on the map, boxing wise.

“We are honored to be affiliated with the prestigious European Boxing Union organization.

We can’t thank EBU Chairman Bob Logist and General Secretary Enza Jacoponi enough for their support and assistance to bring professional boxing to Malta.

L-R: Gianluca Di Caro, Alexander Zammit and EBU Chairman Bob Logist

We would also like to thank the members of the EBU for their unanimous support to our application.

It is our firm belief that Malta can and will become a leading player in professional boxing in the near future.

Malta has always had an intrinsic pugilistic culture, as such there has always been a very strong amateur and unlicensed boxing scene here.

It’s a natural progression that the best boxers in either discipline move up to the paid ranks; Until now, for Maltese boxers to do this they have had to apply to an overseas sanctioning body; that has changed and any Maltese boxer wishing to turn pro can now apply to their home sanctioning organization – The Malta Boxing Commission.”

Moving swiftly on, the founders of the Malta Boxing Commission then went on to paint a wider picture of their vision for professional boxing in Malta.

“Over the coming months we will be recruiting officials locally, and in order that the standards of these officials meet the exacting requirements for professional boxing events we intend to work closely with fellow EBU member organizations on the training of referees, judges and other event officials.

With no established professional boxing promoters in Malta it is our intention to work closely with the Malta Tourist Authority (MTA), as well as local and international businesses, in order to provide local and overseas promoters an incentive package that will encourage them to hold major international boxing events here in the near future.

We believe that by attracting such events it will not only benefit local boxers but also the Malta people and the economy as a whole.”

Contact details:
Malta Boxing Commission
2 St Nicholas Flats,
Nazju Ellul Street,
Malta, GZR 1622

Tel: (Malta) 00356 99 055 960
Tel: (UK) 0044 (0)208 166 5694