Many Boxing Experts Pick Mayweather Over Pacquiao For Good Reason

By Lester Salvador

It seems like the majority of boxing experts are giving Manny Pacquiao little to no chance at beating Floyd Mayweather on May 2nd. This shows that boxing experts still have common sense. Who in their right mind would pick a limited one-two puncher like Pacquiao to beat a master boxer like Mayweather?

I don’t hate Manny Pacquiao, but my opinions are brutally honest and have always been when it comes to his fans and the biased media’s pro Pacquiao stance. Mayweather’s name has been drug through the dirt, and soiled with unfair scrutiny concerning mainly his personal life, while Pacquiao has been given passes just because he smiles and appears humble in the public.

Even when it comes to fights that Manny Pacquiao clearly lost, people still believe he won or they gave him a pass when he gets a gift decision. When he lost multiple times to Juan Manuel Marquez, the media didn’t cry robbery, they said it was close, when Marquez finally knocked him out fair and square, they had media persons crying foul saying Marquez cheated by stepping on Pacquiao’s foot before knocking him out or he took steroids because he hired a reformed former steroid chemist.

I believe that many of the people who work in the media only kiss up to Manny Pacquiao because they don’t want to get scolded by the masses. Pacquiao is treated like a saint, and the public has been fooled and fed this image of him as this great boxer who has done the impossible. If you look at the sports polls the majority of casual boxing fans are actually picking Manny Pacquiao to knockout or win a decision over Floyd Mayweather, the boxing experts on the other hand are picking the fight in favor of Mayweather or taking the politically correct neutral approach by saying its 50-50, but no one will flat out say Pacquiao will win easily.

The reason so many boxing experts are picking Mayweather to beat Pacquiao is because they keep it strictly about boxing and base their prediction off of boxing and not outside the ring activities. Emotional casual fans pick fights with their heart and not their head. If you break down both fighters skill sets in the ring, Floyd is hands down the better boxer and has the higher ring intelligence. Mayweather would be graduate from Harvard, while Pacquiao is still in Junior College trying to earn an AA degree, this is how different each boxers are mentally in terms of boxing IQ.

It seems like the only ones picking Pacquiao to win are those who have a strong emotional dislike for Mayweather. It has nothing to do with his boxing skill, its personal most of them are haters who are envious of Floyds money and success.

Boxing skill is the main reason why the rational boxing minds pick Floyd Mayweather to beat Manny Pacquiao. It’s not about who is the most humble outside the ring or who gives the most to charity, skills pay the bills and that is all that matters when analyzing boxing, being a charitable, nice, friendly person will not help you win a fight.

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  • orail white

    Hey Lester, you gave no statistical facts or any reasons to why mayweather will win. Have you personally watched film? I’ve done about 15 hours film study so far and I dont understand the disrespect about mayweather in Harvard and PAC in Jr college. Do some film study. A lot of film study. Look at trend analysis of both fighters over the last ten bouts of each and see whose slipping. Then make an unbiased decision or make your pick after that. But this article says nothing.