Can A Fat Man Beat Klitschko? – Fury Vs Klitschko Round Two

By Edward Wade

Tyson Fury vs. Wladimir Klitschko has always been a feisty affair. After their first match which saw Fury win on a controversial points decision, there was always going to be a rematch. Even though there was a re-match clause inserted into the contract, the amount of hostilities between the two would still surely have resulted in another fight between the pair.

But Irishman Fury caused a bit of a storm this week, infuriating the Ukrainian, taking his top off during a press conference and saying he ‘couldn’t even beat a fat man’ he then went even further stating that he wasn’t even an ‘athlete.’ This obviously did not go down well in the Klitschko camp. But the real question is, could a fat man beat Klitschko again?


It was a bizarre press conference between the two as they did mental battle against one another. Klitschko regularly commented on the controversial comments Fury has used, particularly his view point at where women ‘belong,’ as well as his view on homosexuals. Klitschko meanwhile was repeatedly asked once more about the opinion that he has cheated during his career, which he enigmatically replied, ‘question denied.’ Much to the smirking face of Fury.

Like all boxers Fury is certainly backing himself, he was the first person to beat Klitschko in over 11 years. But most opinion is split on whether he can repeat the trick and beat the giant Ukrainian once more.

Klitschko has relied on his superior arm length to generally win fights and has a great technical aspect to boxing, whereas Irishman Fury used his physical prowess and tenacity to win the first round. Tyson’s trainer, his uncle Peter Fury has already spoke of their game plan, saying that Tyson has to knock him out and cannot let himself be jabbed repeatedly. Although packing a heavier pitch around the waist. Fury does have a greater height, reach and is 13 years younger than his counterpart. With the fight being in Manchester the crowd will surely be behind Fury where he has fought the majority of his matches. Location doesn’t seem to play that much of a part in fights however, with the heavyweight championship being fought out in Germany, which saw a Fury victory.

Vitali Klitschko, however, has given his backing to his younger sibling. Vitali blamed his younger brother’s loss on ‘nerves’ and said that he was very surprised that Fury was the kind of athlete who could even resist Klitschko. The Ukrainian starts in better shape than Fury, who has three stone to loose during an 11-week training camp. Speed will be crucial in the match and currently it is Klitschko who holds that advantage over his counterpart.

It should be a fascinating match and although Fury is the title holder and won the previous match Klitschko starts the game as favorite. This will be the WBA Super and WBO champion has said he will retire after the match and even more to America. It remains to be seen if he can still go out with a bang.