Kell Brook Vs Gennady Golovkin, A Clash of Two Titans

As tickets go on sale for the clash of two titans between Kell Brook and Gennady Golokvin. It is set to be one of the best fights of the year. The two are at a pivotal point in their fighting careers, with the fight a great opportunity for both parties. This is Brook’s biggest fight since being stabbed in the leg whilst on holiday and if he were to win, you would have to say that he is fully recovered and should then take on Amir Khan in a battle of the Brits. Golokvin is the holder of the unified WBA, WBC, IBF and IBO middleweight titles, so he has a lot to lose in the showdown between the two. However, if he were to win it would strengthen his claim as the best fighter of the new generation.

Held at the 02 in London, it should be a fantastic match. Golokvin is currently favourite for the match, and rightly so considering that Brook is jumping two divisions and has not fought for a title above 147lbs in his career. It would mean gaining an additional 13lbs which is no easy task by any means. Golokvin is a huge step up for the Sheffield man, considering that Brook has only defended his own IBF welterweight belt against three challenges, two of which were mandatory. The Kazakh in comparison, is in a different class.

It is certainly a bold move by Brook, especially considering how negatively it affected Amir Khan to tackle Saul ‘Cancelo’ Alvarez. However, if he is to pull it off and beat Golokvin he can puff out his chest and possibly put himself into the bracket of best UK fighter, unless both Brook and Khan meet in the ring.

Brook himself has admitted just what a challenge it will be, calling Golokvin the ‘world’s best fighter.’ But he is also relishing the opportunity to test himself. ‘’When this fight got offered to me I accepted within minutes and I can’t wait. Everyone knows I’m a huge welterweight and I know I will carry my speed and accuracy and even more power through the weights.’

Golokvin is arguably the best fighter in the world at the moment. After a generation of Floyd Mayweather’s tactical defensive approach, it is refreshing to see the Kazakh go toe-toe and really produce attacking boxing. Pound-for-pound he is sitting top of the castle and is undoubtedly king with an unbeaten record and 35 wins.

There is no doubt it is a huge risk for Brook. The rewards of winning are huge, it would catapult him atop of Golokvin and knock the man from Kazakhstan off his perch. The Brit would have a record of 37 wins and no losses which would better Golokvin.

However, if Brook does lose it could have a detrimental effect on the rest of his career. We have seen how Khan has suffered since his loss against Alvarez. Loosing such a high profile match after jumping weight divisions can have a hugely damaging effect psychologically.