Is he a Pastor or Boxer? Why I have no confidence in Manny Pacquiao come May 2

By Larry Limcangco The last time I wrote an article on Manny Pacquiao, it was warning the fans not to believe his words of bringing the old Pacman back. Everything I said came true, he was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez. That article was written in 2012 (Here) right before his fourth fight with […]


By Ludwig O. Daza Are we witnessing a future star? This was the question posed then by Jim Lampley, while commentating on Manny Pacquiao vs Lehnolo Ledwaba bout. Several fights later, Pacquiao would beat Marco Antonio Barrera black and blue, forcing his corner to throw in the towel. That win made Pacquiao a boxing star, […]

Many Boxing Experts Pick Mayweather Over Pacquiao For Good Reason

By Lester Salvador It seems like the majority of boxing experts are giving Manny Pacquiao little to no chance at beating Floyd Mayweather on May 2nd. This shows that boxing experts still have common sense. Who in their right mind would pick a limited one-two puncher like Pacquiao to beat a master boxer like Mayweather?

Mayweather will have the punching power advantage over Pacquiao

By Jamal Dicky You can tell the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao super-fight is really huge because you have a lot of casual fans who don’t really follow the sport of boxing making predictions and acting like analysts.


By Ludwig O. Daza Bob Arum predicted that Manny Pacquiao will win every round of the Fight of the Century. This is a bold statement. In fact, I find Arum’s statement ridiculous. Manny Pacquiao is capable of doing that, but not against the calibre of Floyd Mayweather.