Miguel Cotto Will Not Fight In 2016

By Ryan Donald Miguel Cotto is headed towards the twilight of his successful career. The 36-year old boxer has a hall of fame career with his 40-5 record. It is fight #46 that is now getting attention, which after rumor after rumor, will not be fought in 2016 after all.

Lace Em Up: Raising Awareness in Boxing

By H. Davis Boxing is, without a doubt, a tough and physical sport that’s for sure. It’s a sport that requires both respect, and discipline; which could be the reason why it’s used as a metaphor for life so often. You get knocked down, but you get back up and continue to fight. The problem […]

Cleverly-Brähmer: A Good Fight with an Anticlimactic Finish

By Tom Terzulli Excitement and interest were hard to come by going into the Nathan Cleverly vs. Jurgen Brähmer bout for the German’s WBA “world” light heavyweight title on Saturday night. Brähmer had been undefeated since 2009, but had yet to fight anyone of significance. While Cleverly, the one time WBO title holder, had hit […]

Manny Pacquiao The Hypocrite. A Former Drug Addict Who Supports Duterte’s Deadly War On Drugs

By Larry Limcangco Whenever I hear Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao introduced as Senator it makes me cringe. This is a man who signed two contracts causing rival promoters to go to court over his rights, failed to publicly acknowledge an injury to postpone the biggest fight in boxing history against Floyd Mayweather just so he […]

Willie Monroe Jr is Cut from the Same Cloth as Mayweather, and Thats Not a Good Thing

By Tom Terzulli When watching Willie Monroe Jr’s snooze-fest decision victory over Gabriel Rosado Saturday night, I couldn’t help but recall the dozens of disappointing fights courtesy of the now retired Floyd “Money” Mayweather.