All Time Great Status (Pacquiao/Mayweather) A Comparative Look

By Lou “Cinder” Block

I have received a ton of biased and even vulgar comments on my previous articles by irate fans, some even questioning my knowledge of the sport.  Well to these guys if you ain’t riding Pacman’s wagon you are the enemy and an idiot who does not know boxing.  In my recent piece ” The only way Pacquiao can win is if Cotto has an off night” I was blasted because of my opinion on the upcoming fight between Cotto and Pacman even being called a “Cotto hugger”.

First I would like to make it clear, I have no dog in this fight, I am just looking at the fight through unbiased eyes as a boxing fan who is just trying to give his own break down of the November 14th HBO fight.  Again if you pick against Manny you become the villain or the bad guy, and you are automatically a hugger of the opposing fighter.  If you want to see clear bias just read the comments left on my articles.

I to am entitled to my opinion just like everyone else, sure I favor the technical and slick style of a Floyd Mayweather Jr. but I should not be hurled derogatory statements my way over a disagreement. I think people can get a bit fanatical and obsessive over a fighter but when violent and hate filled remarks are thrown at innocent people, that is when they need to question their mental health, as a fan it should never get to that point.

Ok, enough with that. Now I will break down the career’s and greatness of each fighter.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.:  40 wins -0 losses-25 ko’s

Here is a guy who was born with the boxing gloves, he has an extensive Amateur background, he was an Olympic Bronze Medalist in 1996 (should of been a gold medal winner) and has won titles in 5 weight classes. Here is a highlight of his artistic fighting style:

Here are just some of His notable wins against Prime Fighters: 130lb WBC title fight against Genaro Hernandez, Diego Corrales who was undefeated when he faced floyd jr, 135 lb WBC title fight against Jose Luis Castillo, 140lb WBC title against Arturo Gatti, 147lb IBF title fight against Zab Judah, 147lb WBC title fight against Carlos Baldomir, 154lb WBC title fight against Oscar De La Hoya, Title defense against a Prime Ricky Hatton, and recently his domination over Juan Manuel Marquez in a flawless, skillful destruction of the man who had arguably beat Manny Pacquiao 2 times. In all of Mayweather’s fights he showed true boxing class and skill, he was painting a Picasso with his fists.

Manny Pacquiao: 47 wins-3 losses-37 ko’s-2 draws

Here is a guy who fought over seas in Asia such as Thailand, Japan and the Philippines for the majority of his early career. He has 2 losses by way of knock out. His first loss was by a powerful ko punch from a guy named Rustico Torrecampo here is the video:

Here are some of Manny Pacquiao’s notable fights some controversial: He fought Lehlohonolo Ledwaba for the IBF 122lb title, in this fight Pacquiao was a last minute replacement which totally ruined Ledwaba’s game plan, Ledwaba was in training for another fighter at the time and had no idea who Pacquiao was. Pacquiao defeated Ledwaba and never gave him a rematch.

Marco Antonio Barrera for the 126lb ring title, it was no secret that Barrera had major turmoil in his camp from the wildfire in big bear, his long time manager telling the media about the metal plate in his head it was clear from the opening bell that Marco was not mentally in the fight, Pac wins on a tko 11. For the 126lb titles Manny fought Juan Manuel Marquez, despite being knock down 3 times Juan Manuel came back in the fight and won the fight in many boxing observers eyes, Pacquiao was given the gift with a Draw.

Pacquiao faced Erik Morales who just lost to Barrera in a trilogy, Roach had picked Morales because he felt he was already on the decline, Morales put on a boxing clinic and even though he was not in his prime he was able to toy with the Filipino even switching southpaw in the 12th round. Pacquiao would later on face a drained and washed up Morales 2 times, get another gift against Marquez in a rematch, face the weakest of the champs at 135 David Diaz, A dehydrated Oscar De La Hoya at 147 and a one dimensional Ricky Hatton at 140.

In Closing:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is what boxing is about he is  an artist at work, Pacquiao is an exciting little wild brawler but his style is a few steps back in the evolution of the sweet science. Remember the goal in boxing is hit and not get hit.

In order for Manny to reach Floyd Mayweather’s level he must defeat fighters in their prime until then, The best of this decade goes to the Money Man aka Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather.

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