Mike Tyson Arrested After Fighting With Paparazzi At LAX


Former heavyweight boxing Champ, Mike Tyson was arrested for roughing up some Paparazzi photographer at LAX on Nov. 11.  Around 5:20 pm, Tyson got into an altercation with a paparazzo at Terminal 7 at the United Airlines counter.

Reports are that one of the men involved in the  brawl was hurt and bloodied as blood covered the counter where the incident took place.

Both Tyson and the paparazzo were arrested by the LAPD and taken into custody. Mike was with his wife and 10 month old daughter.

Tyson’s spokesperson, Tammy Brook released this immediate statement ” Tyson, was attacked by an overly aggressive paparazzi, the truth will reveal Mike acted in self defense as a father protecting his child. We are confident justice will prevail.”

Sergeant Jim Holcomb of the Los Angeles Airport Police said “There’s a lot of different versions to the story, that’s all going to come out later. But in this particular case, both individuals are going to be pressing charges for battery.”

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