Boxing broadcaster Nick Charles passes away after battle with cancer

CNN’s first sports anchor and Showtime boxing announcer Nick Charles passed away at his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico today, Charles was fighting bladder cancer for two years, he was 64.

Charles loved boxing and admired the fearless nature of many of the boxers, and although faced with death Nick Charles showed his fighting spirit and remained courageous to the end. He left behind a series of video diaries so his young 5-year-old daughter could have memories of her father.

In a CNN interview Charles said, “My little girl needs a good daddy more than anything right now,” “This is a gift from God where I need to build these memories for her, so that I’m not a blur.”

“My story is to never give up on life” – Nick Charles 1946-2011

Video: Mike Tyson pays an emotional visit to his dear friend Nick Charles before his passing