Watch Showtime All Access: Mayweather vs. Canelo Episode 2

On episode two of “ALL ACCESS: Mayweather vs. Canelo” training camp for the two boxers are getting more and more intense as the fight nears. Canelo Alvarez has been sending sparring partners home and really focusing on his goal of being the first to defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather as usual is confident and cool, after hearing the news that his opponent has been sending home his spar mates, Mayweather answered firmly “I’m no sparring partner.”

The Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez super fight is only a few weeks away and on September 14, both fighters will be ready to try and keep their undefeated record, but only one can leave undefeated and with the belt.

Watch the episode two premiere! of All Access: Mayweather vs. Canelo on Saturday August 31, 10PM ET/PT on Showtime.