Manny Pacquiao is Still a Pound-for-pound King

By Alon Calinao Dy

I remember when Juan Manuel Marquez won by knockout against Manny Pacquiao, many boxing fans believed it was a form of luck that saved the Mexican warrior. I thought, when he defeated the Filipino boxing icon, he would finally end their controversies and convinced the whole boxing community that he’s a better fighter than Pacquiao.

However, that was not the case. Boxing fans across the world claimed Marquez was one of the fortunate boxers in the history of boxing who landed a perfect shot that turned him into instant stardom. I thought Marquez studied that strategy, but his eyes were closed when he hit Pacquiao. It was like a live-or-die situation for him.

I also remember when Pacquiao lost to Tim Bradley, but actually he didn’t. After the biased judges handed the win to Bradley, I saw boxing at that time as a sport of the mafia. Just a single question for the boxing commissioner, why did the boxing body allow those incompetent people to judge a major event like this? Everybody saw that Manny schooled Bradley, yet it was not as majority of people expected to happen.

Who said Manny Pacquiao was an aging fighter when Floyd Mayweather Jr., was avoiding him? The truth is, the fight had already happened when Mayweather Jr., had no excuses. In fact, it was a very simple thing for them to do, they must sign a contract to face each other. I would be happy to hand it over to both camps if they allow me. We are all tired about this dream match, because we really don’t know if it would come true or not.

Yes, people are impatient anymore waiting for something that’s not going to happen anytime soon.Who said Mayweather Jr., would easily dispose Pacquiao, as what he did to Marquez? Those who said that, are people who know nothing about boxing. Of course, Floyd Jr., already knew who would have a better chance to hand him his first loss. It would never be Amir Khan, not a chance. It would not Tim Bradley either. You know who I am talking about. It is the one and only Pacquiao.

Pacquiao is still the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the sport of boxing today. He is a big threat to anyone right now. It doesn’t matter whether he lost to Marquez. Anyway, Marquez has no plans for fighting Pacquiao again. If he has, I think he would be committing a suicide. That’s the fact. Marquez already knew just like Floyd Mayweather Jr., that he would have a little chance against the dangerous Pacquiao. No offense to both of them, Pacquiao would never say “NO” to his opponent. He’s always on the go. He fights anybody. That’s what makes him a true pound-for-pound boxer in the world.