If Pacquiao can’t beat Marquez, how can he beat Mayweather?

By Chuy Marco

On Cinco De Mayo weekend, the world will understand why Floyd Mayweather is the best pure boxer in the world because on that day he will put a beating on Manny Pacquiao. May 2 will go down in history as one of Mayweather’s most lopsided beatings in his career.

I always laugh when I hear so many of the Filipino workers I run into at my job telling me that Pacquiao will knockout Mayweather. You can tell these guys don’t watch boxing at all and only support Pacquiao because he is Filipino.

When I respond to these same Pacquiao fans who tell me he will KO Mayweather, I tell them how can he do that when Juan Manuel Marquez lost to Floyd but knocked Manny out cold. If Marquez who is a much more intelligent boxer than Pacquiao couldn’t beat Floyd how can Manny? Their response is pure ignorance, they tell me “Well that is because Marquez was on steroids so he had a Hulk punch because he worked with Angel “Memo” Heredia” or “that was a lucky punch.”

That punch Juan Manuel Marquez landed flush on Manny Pacquiao’s chin was not lucky, that was a well timed classic right hand counter that he landed many times on Pacquiao, he cannot avoid right hands and has horrible defense. Just accept the facts, Pacquiao is not a great fighter, he has no defense for the right hand, and Marquez is better than him and so is Floyd Mayweather. Don’t accuse Marquez of taking steroids when you have no proof, he has passed all of the drug tests, and it makes you look bad especially after Pacquiao denied random Olympic testing for years. So don’t throw stones if you didn’t want those stones thrown at your fighter.

For anyone reading this that believes Manny Pacquiao will beat Floyd Mayweather, answer the following, if he couldn’t convincingly beat Marquez after 4 tries, what makes you think he can beat the best counter puncher and defensive fighter of our Era?

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  • Alitysonhaglerleonardholyfield

    Styles make fights. If anyone knows who will be the winner between Mayweather and Pacquiao on May 2 should place all his money on him so he will become filthy rich on May 2.

  • Rog

    I laugh so hard at you because you’re an idiot. Manny beat Marquez twice. Do some research moron!

  • Stan

    Um because they’re not the same fighter? Marquez is an action counter puncher who will fight and relies more on throwing combinations. Mayweather is a potshot and run out the way counter puncher. And last fight aside, Manny might not have convincingly beat Marquez the other 3 fights but has Marquez convincingly beat Manny in any of those 3 fights? So according to your theory, since they’re the same person, Floyd won’t beat Manny convincingly either. Unless he knocks him out with a lucky right with his brittle hands known for devastating knockout power (saecasm). Also Manny has way more speed and explosiveness than Marquez and that will be the difference maker between him vs mayweather and Marquez vs mayweather. Mayweather beat a counterpuncher in Marquez. He’s fighting a boxer-puncher in Pacquiao. Different styles. Can’t compare.

  • Deeboy

    If Mayweather barely got pass Cotto and De La Hoya. How will he beat Manny who annihilated them? See how that works?

  • Shaun Flaherty

    Please tell me you are just testing us to see if we know styles make fights? This is boxing fan knowledge 101.

    Pacquiao had to fight Marquez 4 times while your boy Money was fighting overrated, old and inexperienced opponents. Pac got robbed by Bradley while your boy Money scored his last “knockout” when he caught that dumb head butt kid Ortiz kid defenseless after a break. Your boy money almost got overwhelmed by wild throwing, orthodox stance Marcos Maidana despite Floyd’s shoulder roll, while Pac Man came back to dominate Bradley starting at the middle rounds of Bradley Pacquiao 2 (which never should have happened in the first place)

    If you want to talk about the right hand then how about talk about how Floyd will have to start moving his feet more and do the best job of his life working that high guard, and his reach because he can’t use his shoulder roll against a southpaw throwing 5 punch combinations. If Manny can keep busy and keep his feet moving more than Floyd, it’s not going to be easy for Mayweather to win. He is a great counterpuncher and ring technician, and basedon that maybe the greatest boxer of this generation but this matchup has the potential to come down to something called heart. Floyd better come with a lot more “pretty boy” and a whole lot less “money” if you money man jock riders think it’s going to be easy work like you claim.