Manny Pacquiao will wish he never fought Money Mayweather

By Lou “Cinder” Block

On May 2 the day has finally come to show the world that Manny Pacquiao never really had a shot against Floyd “Money” Mayweather. The world will see that he was nothing more than a media hype job who was put in with mostly drained, washed up, or tailor-made opponents to make him look great.

For years boxing fans had to endure the relentless and obnoxious fanbase of Manny Pacquiao, they would predict a knockout before every one of his fights. You would think they would have been humbled and brought back to reality when Juan Manuel Marquez, a man Floyd Mayweather schooled easily, knocked Pacquiao out cold with a right hand counter. Instead of taking the loss well, they made excuses saying that Marquez was using PEDS because he was working with Memo Heredia a former PED chemist, and that was the only reason he got knocked out. What about the blatant mistakes he makes? Maybe that was the reason Pacquiao got knocked out cold because he lunged in with his face?

These fans have no real boxing knowledge. They mainly consist of casual fans, and I liken them to the Mike Tyson fans, when Tyson got older these die hard Tyson fans would still order or tune into his fights hoping maybe they would see a glimpse of the old Iron Mike, the Pac fans have the same mentality they believe they will see the old Pacquiao, the one who was tearing up guys, the problem is we haven’t seen that Pacquiao since he beat Antonio Margarito, so stop living in denial.

Freddie Roach and the Pac fans actually have the nerve to predict a KO or a destruction and schooling of Floyd Mayweather Jr by the hands of a one dimensional flawed fighter? I will say this, I cannot wait for May 2, I will have the last laugh as Money Mayweather picks apart and dismantles Manny Pacquiao with ease. When the one sided fight is over Manny will embarrassingly wish he never signed the contract because he will be schooled worse than any other Mayweather opponent.

  • Josemaria Carlos Rey Magsajo

    Hey lou, what are you talking about? Win or lose Manny has 80 million reasons for wishing a fight with mayweather.

  • arny

    You know nothing in boxing.

  • ksan

    you are
    the loser lou

  • Peter Co

    I think there’s a typo. Maybe you meant Mayweather will wish he hadn’t fought Pacquiao.

  • Roland Santos

    Hey Lou, I just hope you put your money where your mouth is, so that in case Money wins you’ll be laughing with loads of money!!!! Need not to say YOU’LL BE CRYING LIKE A BABY a million times over should Money end up losing the biggest fight of his career 🙂

  • RupertdeGuzman

    The author ‘s name is cinder Block a perspective target for Manny. The guy is a moron or a funk like Floyd. We don’t pay attention to an idiotic hood loom like Lou cinder block its just not worth it.
    But he admits the reason why Marquez KO’s was of Hiring of Memo
    Heredia who turned him a Superman for a day, obviously the magic bullet works now Marquez is Hiding from Pacquiao. Obviously Floyd Mayweather jr heard this from Alex Ariza and now Floyd has two strength. And Conditioning coach. Two heads are better than one, and seven weeks to the fights all of a sudden Floyd are knocking down spar mates and he is as muscular as big as Juan Manuel Marquez? Start looking for pimples on his chest area and on his back. We are watching this boys like a Hawk. Just don’t get caught
    Guys, once your caught everything you earned will be disappearing in front of you. Plus the shame your Fans like your pinky guyLoucinderBlack…what a jerk.

  • RupertdeGuzman

    Mr cinder Block I know you did not get paid by Floyd yet but let’s talk about your Floyd. You like Floyd because he is undefeated but did you see how he became undefeated? He pick and chooses an opponnent who can surely gives him the Win. Yah Man, He is a cherry picker and a noted Ducker. In fact he ducked Manny for 6 years and he retired for 2 and half years to avoid fighting Pacquiao,Cotoo, Moseley, Margarito, Paul Williams etc…and I know you love Floyd’s antics.So he looks good to you a perfect, accurate puncher and very intelligent in the ring but I got a news for you. That’s where Floyd Fooled each and every one. It’s an illusion The money Team had been hyping and promoting and they succeeded.
    But you minimized the other pugilist in Manny Pacquiao, You and others like Mallinagi and the others who lack the Brains to be rational and fair, it’s Ok by me I don’t need you opinion. I just have something to say about Manny Pacquiao and I want you to remember it. Manny is relentless in the pursuit of this fight to happen because it is personal to him. Manny is so Professional in dealing with Floyd all this years, the insults, the demeaning words and the lies he tried spreading about him. His fist are getting ready and it will be loaded with 100 millions of wishes to defeat Floyd and Hewill be defeated.

    • mclain

      dont forget momy dionisia! relentless HEX!

  • Kidlat Tahimik

    Bookmarked! I’ll be back here after the fight. Obnoxious huh? And what do you call flomos? It’s all about range and unlike any of floyd’s former opponents Manny is NEVER in range unless he’s bombarding you with a 6 punch combo then he’s out again. Easy fight for Manny.

  • Kidlat Tahimik

    Lou “Cinder” Block. Oh I get it! I see what you did there! Cinder block! That’s smart!

  • RupertdeGuzman

    Hey Lou, Manny is only famous in America, Manny is welcome everywhere anywhere. Your Floyd can’t get a Visa to go to Australia.
    He is as Bogus as you.

  • royclosa

    The best technique for Floyd is the “HIT AND RUN” style of Sugar Ray — run, run, circle around the ring, once in a while come inside to throw a jab, then run again — for the whole 12 rounds.
    DO NOT EVER engage Manny else he risk beaten as Duran did to Leonard in their first fight.

  • RupertdeGuzman

    We’ll talk after the fight and you got to explain in a much better way as a rational writer or an author. Our first impression on you is not pretty. You seem to be out there to spread negativity and we suspect part of the Promotion or the Hype. Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve didn’t work because the truth of the matter The product you tried to sell is Bogus and seems like a Fancy.
    Please Mr Cinder Block don’t write an article again, You are not very smart like the Floyd you love. You can’t fool us!

  • RupertdeGuzman

    This guy Lou is not a smart individual and not worthy to write an opinion. This guy is just opinionated bigot who knows nothing about
    Anything . You can tell how he writes. If this is a subordinate, I’ll fire him and if he owns this sight he should be fired by himself, idiot!

    • Cody

      You mad bro

  • Mateng

    Why don’t you make a serious bet and show it to us, post the ticket, let’s see how much you believe what you’re saying? Put your money where your mouth is.

  • Mateng

    Put some serious money in this fight and You will wish manny never fought mayweather!

  • toink

    I will definitely get back to you on May 3. You will wish you never become a boxing writer coz May 2..pacman will be victorious. Please make your FB,Instagram,Tweeter accnt open for comments on May2.

  • Ariel Mulach

    Your name is “Lou Cinder Block”???? No wonder…….

  • Ariel Mulach

    Your name should have been ” Lou HOLLOW Block”…..

  • clarkw

    Pacquiao is not afraid of engaging someone who actually fights. Why would he be afraid of someone who’s focus is defense?

  • jejemon

    The problem is most filipino fans are not boxing fans just manny pacquiao fans. So what do you expect? Add to that, the low literacy rate of filipino netizens, then that is what you get.

    • undangontani

      you are shallow. you can’t even notice how the useless writer writes his article.

    • Bugster

      Look dude you don’t have to bring the whole Filipino literacy comment into this? BTW, For your info the Filipinos rank as one of the most literate people from the far east maybe even higher compared to say the whole of Africa by comparison so lets not even got there. Lets not be Racist with our comments and just stick to the topic being discussed here. if you like floyd so be it but show decency and not show your bigoted side ok?

      • jejemon

        In honor of you casual filipino fans, the American public called us PACTARDS hahahaha Please study boxing and not just get emotional hahaha

        • Bugster

          STUDY BOXING? I presumed you’ve got a Doctorate on this matter. Nah I’ve got more important things to do in life than argue with a thug low life bigoted fuck like you.

          • jejemon

            Lol admit it. You are waiting for me to reply on your posts

      • jejemon

        Please study boxing and improve your comprehension skills. Then, we can talk. Its hard to argue with casuals

    • toying


      • hav0ck

        pagbigyan nyo na..kaya ganyan yan kasi walang bumibili sa mga sapatos na binibenta niya sa fb account niya…isumbong nyo na lang sa BIR

        • jejemon

          ha ha ha please dont get butthurt. What we call you is casual boxing fans. YOu are only boxing fans when Manny is fighting hahahaha. I bet you cant even discuss Mayweather and Pacman fight rationally hahahaha As Roger Mayweather said, You dont know shit bout boxing hahahhaa

          • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

            feeling negro ka, TANGA!! mas masahol ka pa sa bulok na kaning baboy, baho ng trip mo, UNGGOY! ikaw ang butthurt, bakla ka sigurong animal ka magpa-salubot ka jan sa uncle roger mo! BOBO!

    • Taga Bukid

      And you’re Filipino jejemon? Then correct your spelling you ignorant imbecile idioot!

    • Taga Bukid

      Rensi Rosales pala ‘tong si jejemon. Taga Binondo, Manila. One of the Filipino netizens who has low literacy rate. Shame on you Rensi AKA jejemon. Don’t degrade your degree, your an AB communications art graduate in 2003 at Lyceum. Please uphold what you’ve learned at Lyceum and don’t make a fool out of yourself! You’re a shame to your alma mater.

      • undangontani

        who cares if he is AB graduate or ABCD whatever. it’s not about qualifications here. we all have different qualifications. It’s all about rationality and balance thinking. That man jejemon is an ignorant. the same as the writer. idiot!

        • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

          Kupal yang hinayupak na jejemon na yan, self-hater!!! IGNORANTE!!!

    • maryklaire javier

      jejemon……you are nailed the truth…if you will against theire opinion you will be attacked… carefull…pakyaw was theire god….peace ……

      • hav0ck

        low literacy? really? can mayweather even read? maryklaire its their not theire…i guess you are not well educated like mayweather

      • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

        bago ka mag-english, mag-aral ka muna ng spelling at grammar, TANGA.. >.<

    • hav0ck

      pinoy ka din pala kung makapagsalita ka laban sa kapwa mo pilipino…sarap mo batukan

    • hav0ck

      magkano yung mga sapatos mo pre na binebenta sa fb account mo?

    • jejemon

      Ha ha ha Most Filipinos dont know shit about boxing. Just watch basketball hahaha

    • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

      pakyu ka, self-hater!!! ang sangsang ng am0y mo, daig mo pa ang panis na tinapa,.. bumalik na na sa puro taeng lungga mo, BUGOK! ..I.,

  • Reden Vallejo

    i see you hiding in floyd’s underpants come may 2,you’re just another chris williams,a hater and a loser!

  • jemsbon

    lou block…you are not a boxing writer but a blogger like me..and the subject should be titled “floyd mayweather will wish he never fought manny pacquaio”..since 2009 he has been avoiding pacquaio and wish moonves had not forced him to fight manny…

  • undangontani

    Useless writer…there’s no technical analysis just superficial, irrational and one sided. An example of a toxin in journalism world. You are a pest in journalism and you don’t fit in that profession.

  • Truer

    This author is nothing but a gayweather ass

  • deadswitch

    And the author has just everyone pulled to this page. He’s happily counting those visitors and the money going to his bank account. Yup, the best way to earn cheap money nowadays is to come up with flaming titles and contents just like this knowing it will attract the die hard fans of both sides.

  • Cezar Legaspi

    Floyd Mayweather will never be a winner in the eyes of the public whether he win this fight with Pacquiao..because of the image he build for himself. This is the fight of the Humble Vs the Arrogant…..The good vs the Evil….Nobody remembers when the evil wins…but the good will always be remembered….Win or Lose….so I can say Floyd Mayweather already lost…..

  • Albert


  • Glen

    All I hear is “I hate Manny Pacquiao!!! I envy him a lot!!! Why is he getting all the attention and I don’t??!!! Why?? Why??? This not fair!!!

  • Nick

    Hehe using Manny’s name to earn a living.

  • doh padillo

    Lou “Cinder” Block, a volume of minds against yours? let us see on May 2…..your just a fan and not a boxing experts,Dude….we had been in boxing and in the rings as well.

  • Angelbert Gomez

    Schooled worst? well let’s see. we will save your write -ups and we will let you read this everyday of you entire remaining life after the fight Mr lou Cinder Black. It will serves as a SLAP on your face every seconds….minute… hour, year, decade… etc

  • Rey Parreno

    so is you my friend…. though you are entitled to your opinion, it doesn’t give you the absolute freedom to say something bad about anybody or anything….what is lacking of you is sense of responsible writing….. try to put yourself in manny’s foot …

  • okir

    people!!! you should understand this gay man, he’s been wiping mayweather’s assholes w/ his tongue for years. this old flomo gay man has been in love with mayweather for years, so you just have to understand him, he does’nt want anything bad will happen to his great love, mayweather, he sees pacquiao is a threat to mayweather, so he want his lover (mayweather) to be confident.

  • Alex

    You are an ignorant boxing follower. I feel that you are too jealous with the accomplishment of Manny Pacquiao and you can not just accept reality. Review the performances of Manny with your Duckweather against common opponents like; Mosley, Dela Hoya, Hatton, and Cotto. What can you say? Did your Gayweather ever attempt to fight Margarito? You are blinded by your fear that your idol will taste his first loss against Pacquiao and that is very humiliating in your troubled mind. Peace man, you have to accept that your idol’s style is inferior with that of Pacquiao. Take it easy, you might end up laughing alone in the streets if your idol loss. We will have the last laugh!!!!!!

  • Klein Vincent

    Another pac man hater… another hater who will eat his fu***** words!!! Yah i cant wait may 2 either so you can eat your words. Dummy

  • Geared James Edang

    hahahaha…lets see

  • datu

    no brainer hes floyd’s go swallow floyds penis and put it in your butt!!fuck head!

  • Anakleto Gwapito

    this douche of a writer is under Mayweather’s payroll. Hey, Lou! Go get a regular day job!

  • racoonbox

    no technical or rational explanation for this piece of rat shit. and pacquiao a one dimentional fighter? cn u say that barrera morales hatton are washed up? how about bradley. you deserve a rant after may 2nd and we’ll see..bookmarked!

  • Genevieve

    Wow, what an article, i dont how much gayweather paid you…

  • igortak0914

    O sya sya, tama na ang pagmumura. pwede nyo na halikan pwet ni Packy. Di nya alam na parang diyos si Packy sa inyo. Ikaw naman kasing Cinder Block ka. Don’t ever try writing anything negative about Packy or these Pacfarts will damn you to high heavens.

    • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

      magsama kayo ni jejejmon, TANGA!! stinking self-haters, you make me sick! pareho kayong ambaho ng trip nyo, PURO TAE!!! iisang tao lang siguro kayo, same person many accounts. YA SICK FUCK! .I.,

  • milf

    what a what of articles and a lousy writer. keep holding floyd balls thats what u good at. 47-1 may 3. mark my word. pacquiao will reign supreme in floyds backyard.

  • wilfredo andaluz

    When Floyd fought Marquez, he was overweight of 2 Lbs to the contract weight and Marquez went-up in 2 division to fight Floyd in welterweight division. They fought only once when Marquez was a 1st time welterweight. Marquez had fought Pac 3x already before he ko Pac in 4 fight but Marquez was lucky then, when Pac got caught in just 1 second left in the 6 rds. because of Pac recklessness in attacking Marquez for a kill, unfortunately, it was gone a way around, despite Pac comfortable lead in the judges score cards before the KO.

  • lufthansa49

    Eres idiota. Montón de estiércol

  • Lino

    Lou is paid by Mayweather camp.

  • Elmar Lasala Martinez

    You’ll eat your words come May 2, Mr. Lou

  • Coach Potato

    The author will wish he never wrote this article.

  • henry ignacio

    Stupid writer no knowledge of boxing . A floyd fanatic. Floyd whose the one who cherrypicks his opponent, wh makes excuses to duck his opponents( cotto,margarito, pacquiao etc.) .

  • Who, Me?

    The thing is, Manny will not be diminished in the eyes of the boxing world if he loses to Floyd. Keep that in mind, mr block. Manny will not lose self respect or dignity if he loses. You say Manny will Wish he never fought Floyd? He wants to fight Floyd! For charity! For free! Anytime, anywhere! If Floyd schools him, hey that’ll be good for boxing. It’ll be good for Floyd. But, Floyd however, believes that he can lose to Pacman. So do his handlers, ergo the accusations. Typical schoolyard reactions from ghetto mentalities! What can I say, di ba pare?

  • BatangSingapore

    When the one sided fight is over Lou “Cinder” Block will embarrassingly wish he never wrote this article.

  • Peter Dickcockass

    Another Losser member and a USELESS Writer just to call attention. Talking TRASH.

  • haivlad

    yakiti-yakiti-yakiyak…..we will see how Gayweather is schooled and destroyed by Manny on May 2!

  • Noli Lorenzana

    The blogger obviously achieved what sought out to do, receive numerous comments including mine. I am a boxing fan, and I do not mind being called a casual one or otherwise. I admire both scientific pugilists and relentless warriors. I admire Mayweather’s achievements (regardless of his antics outside the ring), and I am a Pac Man fan (despite part of his dark past as well). As they say, all our opinions will remain as such until we finally see how the bout pans out. An 8 division champ VS an undefeated champ. Either way, we win as fans. And both will still have their legacies intact. Not being biased, I see Pac still having the victory. You just cannot argue with a more compelling resume and someone who has seen defeat (and learning from it) than someone who has never tasted one. All I can say is nobody is perfect, thus I see a loss by Floyd. But, he may surprise us as well. Thus, tune in on May 2.

  • Noli Lorenzana

    The blogger obviously achieved what he sought out to do, receive numerous comments including mine. I am a boxing fan, and I do not mind being called a casual one or otherwise. I admire both scientific pugilists and relentless warriors. I admire Mayweather’s achievements (regardless of his antics outside the ring), and I am a Pac Man fan (despite part of his dark past as well). As they say, all our opinions will remain as such until we finally see how the bout pans out. An 8 division champ VS an undefeated champ. Either way, we win as fans. And both will still have their legacies intact. Not being biased, I see Pac still having the victory. You just cannot argue with a more compelling resume and someone who has seen defeat (and learning from it) than someone who has never tasted one. All I can say is nobody is perfect, thus I see a loss by Floyd. But, he may surprise us as well. Thus, tune in on May 2.

  • will

    Let me get back with you on May 3…

  • will

    Block is Black….I want my Floydie back…

  • R Clay Cawley

    Author is STUPID…What man on Earth wouldn’t fight another for $80 to $100 Million for 36 minutes of work? Maybe one, the Coward that wrote this dribble.

  • dgimfo

    well its a fake name obviously. its like reading a love letter from an obsessed faggot floyd fan. guess whos the real writer? JUSTIN BEIBER? hehehe

  • Victor Michael Maderazo

    Why are there fans writing for this site? Can i make my own article in this site? im also a fan

  • Ryo Plaza Dela Calzada

    Hahahaha! Obviously the guy doesn’t know boxing and the physics of it! Does this writer even know that Marquez was fighting at 130-135 lbs when Floyd chose him as his next opponent? It was at a catchweight too! Marquez has to balloon himself up to 144lbs which is the catchweight and Floyd Mayweather came in Overweight at 146lbs! LOL!
    Really??, A decent counterpuncher (Marquez) VS. A GOOD counterpuncher (Mayweather) Really? Same styles, you do the MATH! While it took Marquez 4 fights to land that “LUCKY” punch and now refused to give Pacquaio a rematch?? LOL! You do the MATH! hahaha!

  • R Clay Cawley

    Why does this COWARD IDIOT of a Writer keep deleting my POSTS?

  • rickmeister1203

    ” When the one sided fight is over Manny will embarrassingly wish he never signed the contract because he will be schooled worse than any other Mayweather opponent. ”
    I agree! Floyd will school Manny by running away from Manny for dear life.

  • rickmeister1203

    The only reason why Floyd finally signed the fight contract is because his ass got cornered by Moonves.
    BTW, When Floyd is battered on May 2, expect USADA to declare Manny’s blood test came out positive. Tygart sleeps with Haymon.

  • Allan Samia

    mayweather schooled marquez because he was way heavier on the scale than marquez…and also yes because marquez wasn’t in steroids that time!!! we’re not born yesterday!!!

  • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero


  • jing tapia

    win or loose pac takes home something this moron writer won’t ever earn in his whole life.

  • Cody

    Very well written lou, and look you have so many of pacs fans chiming in they love you great job.