Mayweather looked nervous at Pacquiao presser

By Charlie Knoxville

The official press-conference to announce the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao mega bout was a boring one. It isn’t what everyone expected after years of trash talking coming from Mayweather and his team, he decided to be mum.

What I noticed during this press conference was how nervous Floyd Mayweather looked. It was as if he was trying to psych himself up to not be scared or someone forced him to be there. It gives credence to the comments Manny Pacquiao made weeks ago to media that Floyd was forced into this fight and had no where to run.

I have never seen Floyd this nervous during a presser, most of the time he is talking confident or talking smack. I truly believe Manny Pacquiao has gotten in Floyd’s head. Floyd has a phobia of the small power punching Filipino and his body language, nervous voice and mannerisms show it. He was also drinking from an empty cup over and over, that is a nervous thing when you keep doing something like constantly sip water and getting dry mouth.

The Mayweather fanatics can also try to psych themselves into believing that Floyd intimidated Manny at the Miami Heat basketball game but when they met up in the hotel room, Floyd could barely look into Manny’s eyes.

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao Face Off

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao Face Off

The boyish smile from Pacquiao shows the confidence and desire he has to defeat Mayweather. It’s like he has a secret and he can’t wait to reveal it on fight night. He loves challenges and when he is the underdog he comes out on top in a big big way.

This public meeting was very telling. The Mayweather fanatics were hooting and hollering that Pacman who is always boyish and timid looking was shook by Floyd. They made all of this up from seeing a few pictures of Floyd head and his back at a basketball game. They reached for the skys to make their hero seem like he was the intimidator. All that talk they talked is nothing, tell yourself whatever it takes to build confidence, because Pacquiao already has that confidence he doesn’t need constant praise or reassurance. Floyd can’t even go on ESPN First Take because he doesn’t want to be criticized by Skip Bayless, while Pacuqiao has went on the show several times and Stephen A Smith has mocked and disrespected Pacquiao each time making fun of him being knocked out and saying Pacman has no chance at beating Money May. All Pacquiao did was laugh and enjoyed it, that right there is a man who is secure and confident and doesn’t let anyone get in his head, while Floyd refuses to let anyone with a difference of opinion speak to him.

I expected much more from the much anticipated press conference, I have a feeling Floyd might try to stink up the joint on fight night as well and play it safe with the hit hold, and run tactic.

  • Roberto Carlos

    Im from mexico and i was the only one rooting for floyd (cuz i hate canelo)when he beat Canelo, he damn took him apart and canelo was exposed, in the canelo press conferences floyd seemed very confident. But in this conference it cannot be denied, floyd´s voice was cracking all over the damn place. he stuttered and had dry mouth. I wont say he is scared of the fight, i know how hard it will be for pacquiao to land a power punch, floyd´s too smart in the ring and adapts, but hopefully it was just a spur of the moment that made him nervous. In this fight Im rooting for pacquiao, i want to see floyd tested, i hope pacquiao adjusts, because lately i dont trust roach that much.

  • DaamnSon

    It’s very clear that Floyd is fearful of the day he faces Manny. But at the same time I give him props for facing his fears since at the end of the day, it’s the only way to conquer it. Floyd is a master of adjustments; he may have lost in this media day but he will collect himself, look at things in different angles and be better the next time around.

    Pac is just being Pac, confident as fck. It’s like, he’s not even supposed to be there given the circumstances he had growing up. In his head he already won, everything else are just cherries on top of the mountains he’s already scaled.

  • Bryan Manicane

    this is the first time i saw mayweather this silent. yeah, he was drinking an empty bottle a couple of times.. i mean he’s totally different from a mayweather vs ortiz,mosley,cotto etc. i just had myself laughing when i heard his voice really breaking apart.. like is he gonna cry after his speech? and when they faced up there’s a distance. For sure, it’s mayweather’s suggestion, not to go face to face with manny. He looked to me that he just woke up one morning and “uh ow.. did i really sign the contract? can somebody check it out for me, if did i? ” if you watched the video, you would notice that floyd’s been doing “unnecessary” things like he’s trying to make him self believed that what is on his front is just a puppy and not a lion

    • David Berk

      agree with everything…however, there are markings on the stage that shows where the boxers are to stand during the face off.

  • David Berk

    Mayweather was the one staring into his coffee cup dreaming about his happy place.

  • okir

    ahahaha!!!!…. mayweather looks like he’s shitting on his pants