Mayweather might go for the KO because he knows Pacquiao will not surrender

By Freddy Fresco

The fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is only few days away, and the build up will intensify closer to fight week. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith was granted an all access interview with Floyd at his home in Las Vegas, and in the interview Floyd told Smith that Manny Pacquiao isn’t like the other opponents he faced because he will not go into survival mode like the rest.

Mayweather knows what type of fighter Pacquiao is, despite all the discrediting and insults hurled at his rival, he knows deep down this little Filipino congressman is no joke. He knows that Pacquiao is hungry and willing to die in the ring because he has the pride and honor of a country behind him. Floyd fights for money and nothing else, while Pacquiao is motivated by the people that love and find inspiration from him.

Mayweather keeps mentioning he doesn’t watch film of his opponents, but that is a lie, if he never watched fights how would he know that Pacquiao is a never say day fighter, who will not surrender until you put him out? His denial and false bravado is a way for him to psych himself up. He didn’t want fans to attend the media presser, he didn’t want to do a world press tour, all because he doesn’t want to be reminded that he will have to face his biggest fear. When he finally met Manny face to face he was nothing but cordial and respectful,  with other opponents he would belittle them to their face or mock them. Floyd doesn’t want to piss of Manny because he is hoping the Filipino congressman will show him mercy and not beat him up too much in the ring.

Mayweather is zoning out right now. People zone out to psych themselves and to focus. He is sparring multiple sparring partners and from what I read he is hurting his sparmates. Mayweather is taking the fight that he once dubbed “Easy Work” very seriously. He knows that if he hurts Manny and drops him, it will only awaken the beast within, from that point on he will have to knock him out or else Pacman will want payback and not stop coming forward. Pacquiao is brave fighter, when hurt or dropped instead of going into a defensive mode, he comes right back into the fight harder and more ferocious. When Juan Manuel Marquez dropped him, he turned into a rabid dog, seeking blood, and brutally busted up Marquez face before getting knocked out coming in reckless.

On May 2, don’t be surprised if Mayweather tries to jump on Pacquiao and try to get him out of there early. If he doesn’t get Manny out of there,  and awakens the Pac monster, he better be ready to take a sustained beating for however long the fight lasts.

  • Boxing Moron

    There are several tells leading up to this fight that differ from any other of Mayweather’s fight’s in recent memory. Of course his subdued manner, at the presser holding what appeared to be an empty cup of coffee, and his recent interview talking about retirement, not having any love for boxing anymore, etc. The others being his hiring of Ariza, the very same he accused of helping Manny with PEDS, his conversations with Heireda. His sudden change in training to include chopping wood, and swimming. I saw his media day public workout, and his movement was lackluster to say the least. There was nothing new to see, he actually looked lethargic and slower. In one of the lead ups to this past weekends fights they showed both FM and MP hitting the speed bag. While both showed there speed, FM was standing still, on the other hand MP was on his toes bouncing up and down. I recently re-watched the 2nd Miadana fight, and I can tell you if Miadana was able to touch FM and force him to the ropes, the he will be in for one helluva night come May 2nd. Manny as we all know punches from the outside, he’s not a mauler like Miadana, Manny throws straight punches, not looping shots like Miadana. Manny can explode covering distance in a split second, unlike Miadana that just sort tries to walk his opponents down. I’m trying to imagine just how Manny can lose, and just don’t see it.