Pacquiao deceived the people, only fought Mayweather for money

By Larry Limcangco

The “Fight of the Century” turned out to be the Dud of the Century, Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao was a disgraceful display of boxing. One man was running and hugging all night and the other was tentative to throw even when he had opportunities.

I don’t buy the excuse that Manny Pacquiao was severely injured going into the fight. I think maybe he hurt his shoulder, but if he wasn’t one hundred percent conditioned and didn’t ask to postpone the fight, he screwed over all the fans who bet big on him. He gave the fans so much hope only to not give his all int he fight, he had a good left hand lead why didn’t he use that if his fight shoulder was hurt? He is full of excuses he is nothing but a greedy, lying corrupt politician who hurt his image and lost the trust of all his fans on May 2nd. I feel they should put him in prison for lying. I told you this man was a fake. He just wanted a money grab, everyone on his team as well. He uses religion and said he had thousands of angels on his side, he used God’s name in vain, like a charlatan preacher, and that to me is blasphemy. Pacquiao was buying expensive things pre-fight before he even got a check. He bought a mansion in Beverly Hills worth over $10 million, and was giving out money like candy.

He decided win or lose he doesn’t care as long as he gets paid. He insulted all his fans and he should be ashamed of himself. I warned everyone to stop believing in him, he is a con man always repeating the line that the old Manny Pacquiao is back, that he regained his ferociousness, that was all said to fool people into buying his fights.

This man grew up in the poorest slums in the Philippines and he never loved boxing, he only boxed to put food on the table, once he got rich he lost his interest and even revealed many times that boxing is not for killing and you don’t have to hurt your opponent to win, basically telling everyone that he won’t go for the knock out and backs off to a decision. If he never wanted to hurt people anymore, he should have just retired instead of leading the fans on with lies.

Manny Pacquiao has no honor or shame, just give Mayweather his credit and stop lying to yourself and stop deceiving the people, you need to apologize to the fans. You will never be able to beat Floyd Mayweather on your best day, you are washed up and you are full of excuses.

He disrespected his fans, he let down his country, he had millions of people rooting for him, betting on him, and believing in him, and this is how he repays them by lying to them and taking their hard earned money.

Manny Pacquiao = No Shame, No Honor, and No Warrior Spirit.